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Tribù are a luxury garden furniture brand from Belgium, with an extensive collection of beautiful contemporary outdoor furniture. Internationally acclaimed, Tribu only use materials of the highest quality and their design ethos is to create garden furniture which is 'modern but never lacking in purity and refinement'.

Tribù collaborate with top designers like Monica Armani, Lievore Altherr Molina and Piergiorgio Cazzaniga.  A family run company, Tribu's blend of quality, simplicity and elegance have made them popular in over sixty countries worldwide. 

We are one of Tribu's largest & most experienced dealers, & work with both trade & private clients. Our lead times are the excellent, our logistics team have delivered Tribu to a huge number of different countries, & our UK deliveries include a complete, & expert assembly service - essential when dealing with outdoor furniture of this quality & complexitity.

We work with customers from anywhere in the UK, or abroad, & many of our customers place orders wthout ever coming in. For more details please feel free to Contact Us via email or phone us on 020 7731 9540, or visit our London showroom.

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GM-CARP-02 Tribu Loft Outdoor Rug
  • £1950.00
GM-DRP-01 Tribu Drops Garden Side Table
  • £370.00
GM-ILLU-08 Tribu Illum Teak Garden Dining Table
  • £2000.00
GM-REGIS-01 Tribu Regista Garden Dining Chair
  • £1250.00
GM-REGIS-02 Tribu Regista Easy Chair
  • £1450.00
GM-ELIO-01 Tribu Elio Garden Armchair
  • £990.00
GM-ELIO-02 Tribu Elio Garden Easy Chair
  • £1490.00
GM-ELIO-03 Tribu Elio Garden High Back Lounge Chair
  • £1990.00
GM-ELIO-04 Tribu Elio Garden Sofa
  • £2890.00
GM-TAIR-01 Tribu Tairu Garden Side Table
  • £870.00
GM-ILLU-25 Tribu Illum Teak Garden Bar Table
  • £2000.00
GM-SHIND-01 Tribu Shindi Outdoor Rug
  • £2300.00
GM-VISA-12 Tribu Vis A Vis Garden Daybed
  • £4200.00
GM-KOS-21 Tribu Kos Teak Garden Bar Chair
  • £615.00
GM-NATL-19 Tribu Natal Alu Garden Meridienne
  • £3000.00
GM-SENJ-05 Tribu Senja Large Garden Sofa
  • £12820.00
GM-SENJ-04 Tribu Senja Garden Sofa
  • £8450.00
GM-SENJ-03 Tribu Senja Medium Garden Sofa
  • £11880.00
GM-TRIC-01 Tribu Monsieur Tricot Garden Lights
  • £770.00
GM-TRIC-02 Tribu Monsieur Tricot Garden Lamps
  • £770.00
GM-SENJ-01 Tribu Senja Garden Armchair
  • £3400.00
GM-SENJ-02 Tribu Senja Garden Meridienne
  • £3850.00
GM-NOMA-02 Tribu Nomad Garden Easy Chair
  • £1350.00
GM-TAO-01 Tribu Tao Garden Table
  • £4990.00
GM-TAO-02 Tribu Tao Garden Coffee Table
  • £1790.00
GM-NATL-18 Tribu Natal Alu X Coffee Table
  • £360.00
GM-NODI-03 Tribu Nodi Sun Lounger
  • £2890.00
GM-ILLU-09 Tribu Illum Garden Bar Table
  • £1490.00
GM-CTR-01 Tribu CTR Garden Chaise Longue
  • £6110.00
GM-CTR-02 Tribu CTR Garden Day Bed
  • £5530.00
GM-CTR-03 Tribu CTR Garden Bar Stool
  • £1700.00
GM-BRAN-11 Tribu Branch Sun Lounger
  • £1440.00
GM-VELVE-01 Tribu Nomad Velvet Garden Pouf
  • £1120.00
GM-BRAN-10 Tribu Branch Beach Chair
  • £790.00
GM-HEXX-01 Tribu Hexagon Garden Coffee Table
  • £940.00
GM-MOOD-21 Tribu Mood Garden Lounge Bed
  • £3580.00
GM-MOOD-22 Tribu Mood Garden Bar Table
  • £1280.00
GM-NODI-01 Tribu Nodi Garden Armchair
  • £1090.00
GM-NODI-02 Tribu Nodi Garden Dining Chair
  • £990.00
GM-PAVI-01 Tribu Pavilion Garden Daybed
  • £9500.00
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