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Made To Measure & Fitted Furniture

Go Modern has been designing and installing fitted furniture throughout the UK for private clients and Interior Designers since 2009.  We offer a second to none choice of Italian fitted and semi-fitted furniture brands, which will give you the ultimate in flexibility. Currently our brands in this area include Novamobili, Molteni, Lema, DaFre, Pianca, Battistella Nidi, Cinquanta Tre, Caccaro, & Schonbuch, which run from the surprisingly affordable (Cinquanta) to complete luxury (Molteni).

Our collections of customised wardrobeswall unitsbookcaseshome officesutility rooms & children’s furniture are completely modular.  This means we can design to fit both your dimensions and your requirements, choosing from various elements in different sizes.  As each category has several brands to choose from (all with differently sized modules) we can fit our design to your budget and room.

Working in this way allows our clients to uniquely co-ordinate the different elements in a room, as finishes and colours are uniform across the different collections.  For example a Molteni coffee table can be made in the same colour as a Molteni wall unit.


Our clients are often pleasantly surprised by how affordable our furniture can be.  In comparison to many built-in options we are often less expensive and with a far greater range of module types, finishes, and beautiful doors and handles. The finishes can include matt or gloss lacquer, or a high-quality melamine, in an amazing choice of colours, glass (clear, smoked and lacquered), wood, and metallics.  And of course there's always the option to mix-and-match.

Custom Sizes

A precise fit can be achieved by ordering custom sizes, or our installation team can install discreet, matching panels to ensure a complete wall-to-wall or wall-to-ceiling fit if preferred. We can also expertly alter skirting boards etc. to accommodate any design.

Although we offer home visits in London and Edinburgh we don’t always need to see the space before we design a solution. Just remember that your dimensions obviously need to be exact, and you should include plug sockets, doors, windows, skirting boards etc. (and our designers can help you with this). You don’t need a professional plan of the room - we have successfully designed and installed lots of fitted furniture without ever meeting our clients in person.

Installation times are 10-14 weeks (from order to installation date) apart from during holiday periods where factory closures add additional days/weeks to delivery. For more information, or to discuss designs with our team please feel free to visit our London showroom, or phone us on 020 7731 9540 or email us.