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Bespoke Wall Units

Each wall unit consists of any combination of wall hung or floor standing storage units with options for cupboards, drawers, open shelving, shelving with sliding doors, cupboards with drop-down or lift up doors, internal lighting and desks.  All available in a variety of sizes, including different depths. These are then hung directly on to the wall (you will need a load bearing wall – plasterboard wont support the weight) or on to back panels.

Back panels can have specific channels behind them for cables and the units can have cable ducts positioned where needed, allowing for the seamless integration of media equipment with no visible cables. The floor standing boxes also have cable ducts on the back and top so cables to televisions etc. are also hidden.

Although our website shows large compositions this is simply how the units are arranged for photography. Most of our clients have much smaller compositions, and as panels and shelving can be cut-to-order units can be fitted precisely into chimney breasts and other spaces. Our in-house designers are experts at arranging the wall units to provide aesthetically pleasing solutions that will also completely meet your requirements.