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Made To Measure Bookcases

Our modular bookcases enable you to build a bookcase in the colour and size of your choice, whether that's on a wall, around a door frame, in a corner, or the middle of a room.  Many of our bookcases are part of wall unit collections, meaning you can also add cupboards, sliding doors, desks and media storage if necessary.

We can install everything from a floor to ceiling bookcase across an entire wall to a small stand alone bookcase or children’s bookcase.  Our team can advise on possible designs and as with our other furniture, our installers can fit it for you (and if you would prefer us to supply but not install the bookcase we are happy to do that too).  Shelves can be also cut to size, enabling you to order a fully fitted bookcase.

We can only show the compositions we have photos for and so it can be difficult to get a sense of the wonderful  flexibility of our bookcases from the website alone.  But as these are made in Italy in an amazing choice of colours and finishes, it's possible to create a beautiful, unique bookcase with shelves configured to suit requirements.