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Terms and Conditions


In these Terms and Conditions, the following words and expressions, unless the context requires otherwise, shall have the following meanings:

“Company” – means: Go Modern Limited, 565 Kings Road, London SW6 2EB

“Contract” – means: any contract (the Terms and Conditions of which are detailed here) between the Company and the Customer for Sale of Goods and for work done to the goods by the Company, and for any drawing undertaken by the Company for the Customer, or any service provided for the Customer by the Company.

“Customer” – means: the individual or organisation, whether limited or unlimited, whose name and address appear on the customer confirmation order. 

“Terms and Conditions” – mean those Terms and Conditions detailed, here which will apply to all contracts for the Sale of Goods to a Customer and/or any works done for a Customer and/or for drawings undertaken for a Customer. 


The following Terms and Conditions apply to all orders placed on the Go Modern website, in the showroom, or by telephone. The placing of an order, following the Company’s quotation of a price, shall not be binding on the Company, until or unless confirmed in writing by the Customer Confirmation Order, signed by the Customer and the Company. At this point a minimum deposit of 50% of the purchase price is payable by the Customer to the Company. A Customer placing an order in this way indicates acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. We ask that you please read them carefully and print a copy for your records. 

In the case of orders given verbally by the Customer to the Company, whether by telephone or otherwise, the price quoted by the Company and recorded on a Customer Order Form will be sent to the Customer and, returned duly signed by the Customer, with a minimum deposit of 50% of the total purchase, within 7 days of dispatch. This order will be conclusive and binding to the price, type and quality of the product ordered, the delivery point and delivery date.

Additions or alterations to orders, however they are placed, will not be binding until confirmed in writing by the Company. These may also be subject to extra charges which will always be notified.

Any advice or recommendation given by the Company or agents, or agents to the Customer, as to the storage, application, or use of the products, which is not confirmed in writing by the Company, is followed or acted upon entirely at the Customer’s own risk. Accordingly the Company will not be liable for any such advice or recommendations which are not confirmed.

Any typographical, clerical error or omission in any sales literature, quotation, price list, acceptance of offer, invoice, Customer Order Form or other document, or in the Go Modern website information, issued by the Company, will be subject to correction by the Company without any liability on part of the Company.

Go Modern accepts no liability in respect of products ordered by the buyer if the dimensions are unsuitable for the Customer’s premises, or if access to the Customer’s premises is impossible or impracticable, except if the Company has inspected and/or measured the Customer’s premises and the access involved.


All products supplied are covered by the Terms and Conditions of the Manufacturer’s Guarantee for a period of 12 months. Should the Customer’s purchased products develop a manufacturer’s fault within 12 months of date of purchase, the Company will either replace or repair it as we deem most appropriate.  This guarantee specifically excludes faults caused by accident, neglect, misuse and general wear and tear by the Customer.


Please note that all of Go Modern Limited’s products are tailor-made to the Customer’s personalised specification. As such they are non-returnable once they have been delivered. For this reason it is imperative that the Customer understands this before completing the transaction.

Go Modern will repair any faults on delivered products to the Customer’s satisfaction, and make good on any deficiencies.  If for any reason Go Modern accepts that products can be returned, and under special circumstances, this will be at the Company’s discretion.  In that case the product must be returned in its original packaging, if this is still with the Customer. All reasonable care must be taken to ensure the items have not been damaged while in the Customer’s possession.

If for any reason Go Modern Limited agrees to accept the return of the product, they will be refunded subject to a 40% re stocking fee, as the Company generally has no way of re-selling the Goods to anyone else.  

All Go Modern products are made especially for the Customer. Any returned items would have to be sent back to the Manufacturer. Consequently, any returned goods are at a direct loss to Go Modern. On top of the handling fee for returned items, we will further charge for all the costs of the delivery, assembly, dis-assembly and the return transport and management of the goods in the warehouse. 


The Customer will own the product once Go Modern has received payment in full. The Company will issue the Customer with an electronic invoice upon confirming the order.  Failure by Go Modern to enforce any of these Terms and Conditions will not affect the Company’s right to enforce the rest of these Terms and Conditions.  

Full cancellation of an order is possible in the first 7 days after the order is placed. As all items are made-to-order cancellations after 7 days may result in a full cancellation fee and a cancellation charge.   

The Company may cancel this Contract at any time before the products are delivered by giving written notice. On giving such notice, the Company shall promptly repay the Customer any sums paid in respect of the price. The Company will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from such cancellation. 

If the Manufacturer of the product refuses to accept Go Modern’s cancellation, the Company may be able to offer the product for resale at the best possible price in the Go Modern 'clearance section'.  If this is possible, the Company will pass on 100% of the sale price to the original Customer, excluding all reasonable storage and delivery costs, on completion of the sale.  


Notwithstanding any agreement to the contrary, deliveries may be totally or partially suspended by Go Modern during any period in which the Company is prevented or hindered from manufacturing, supplying or delivering the Goods as a result of acts of God, fire, accident, war, terrorism, riot, civil commotion, government order, regulation or directions, shortage of labour, equipment or material, strikes, lockouts or any other contingencies whatsoever beyond Go Modern's control, whether of the same nature of the foregoing or not. Any delivery of Goods which have been totally or partially suspended shall be accepted by the Customer commencing as soon as Go Modern is no longer prevented or hindered from manufacturing, supplying or delivering.


The Company strongly recommends that Customers inspect all products as soon as they arrive. If an item has any transport damage or a fault please notify Go Modern by phone or in writing as soon as possible (telephone: 020 7731 9540; email: sales@gomodern.co.uk; Go Modern 565 Kings Road, London SW6 2EB) or within 3 days of receipt, quoting the order reference number, Customer name and address, details of the product and fault, and the Company will arrange a resolution. 

If no such notice is received within 3 days of delivery, the goods shall be cleared to be supplied in accordance with the Contract and to have been accepted by the Customer. Where the Customer gives notice to the Company as stated, the Customer shall keep the goods intact as delivered for a period of 21 days after receipt by the Company of the Notice, during which the Company, its agent or servants will ask to visit the Customer’s premises to investigate the complaint

Go Modern will require photographs of any damage to assist in the resolution process. The Company will then advise on how to proceed with the return of the product if this is necessary.  Replacement of the product or parts of the product may take up to 10 weeks (the Company will advise on the timing depending on the product involved and the time of year). If the product can still be used, and the Customer would like to do this until a part or replacement can be arranged, please let Go Modern know. This will not affect the Customer’s statutory rights or delay the Company’s response in rectifying the problem. Please check with Go Modern first, however, as for technical reasons, this is not always possible with every product.


For self-assembly products it is important that Customers read the assembly instructions very carefully as Go Modern cannot accept responsibility for any self-assembly goods that are damaged because the instructions were not properly adhered to.  

Before assembling any self-assembly furniture Customers should please ensure that all parts have been inspected. If there is any damage Customers should not commence any assembly but immediately notify Go Modern of the situation. The Company reserves the right to reject the return of a product where Customer assembly has been undertaken, or to deduct an amount to compensate for any repair, handling or recovery costs in this case.


If the Customer provides Go Modern with their own measurements the Customer must ensure that these are totally correct and accurate at the time of placing the order. The Customer is responsible for the accuracy of all measurements provided. If there is an error in the measurements supplied to Go Modern, and the product and/or services are then made or supplied to those incorrect measurements, Go Modern will not refund the cost of the product and/or services, unless the product is faulty, or the Company has failed to exercise reasonable skill and care.


When wall-mounted furniture, such as customised wardrobes, wall units, wall-mounted sideboards, shelving etc, requires fixing to a wall, the Company recommends that this should be to a structural wall. However, it is often possible to install furniture on plasterboard walls, depending on the thickness of the plasterboard and the weight of the furniture. 

The Company strongly recommends that the Customer talks to a member of the Go Modern team to discuss the type of wall, and how this installation can be undertaken. Go Modern also has a highly skilled, specialist installation team for such installations. 

If there is any doubt, Go Modern will recommend a site visit prior to confirmation of the order. This will incur an extra charge. If the Customer decides to install wall mounted furniture themselves, or to hire their own contractor, which then results in structural wall damage and/or subsequent damage to the product, Go Modern cannot be held responsible. 

If, on delivery of a wall mounted product it is discovered that a second visit for specialist installation is required, Go Modern will charge the Customer an extra cost for this installation/visit, as any unforeseen installation work cannot be undertaken within the usual daily delivery schedule. Go Modern cannot guarantee an immediate re-installation date but we will endeavour to find a mutually agreeable time as soon as possible. 


Go Modern has collated the product specifications, images and other information published on the Company website from information provided by suppliers, manufacturers, publications, or gathered from public-domain sources.   Go Modern Limited endeavours to ensure this information is as accurate and up to date as possible. However, the Company cannot guarantee the reliability or the accuracy of all information contained within its pages.  All actions taken by Customers of the website are the responsibility of the individual.


The total price payable for the products will be stated at the time the Customer places the order and this will be confirmed in the order acknowledgement on the Customer Order Form. All quotations are valid for 7 days unless otherwise stated.  The total purchase price together with the Value Added Tax, less the deposit paid, shall be payable within 7 days of notification being sent of goods being available for collection/delivery. If the price published for the goods is wrong (due to an error or omission) Go Modern Ltd is not obliged to sell the product at the incorrect price.  Instead the Company will inform the Customer of the correct price with an opportunity to cancel the order.  


All prices on the Go Modern website are inclusive of VAT but exclusive of delivery charges which will be payable as indicated at the time of placing the order. We apply different delivery charges for items of a different size and weight. 

Collection/delivery shall only be made after receipt of cleared funds. In the event of payment being made by personal cheque/building society cheque, 10 working days should be allowed for the clearance of the cheques.

Prices are for delivery to mainland UK addresses.  Other UK delivery addresses, plus the Channel Islands, Scottish Isles and Ireland will incur additional charges and may mean longer delivery times (e-mail Go Modern at info@gomodern.co.uk for an exact quotation and delivery time).

The Company requires at least 7 working days to organize delivery after cleared funds have been received.

The Company shall not be liable for any delay in delivery caused as a consequence of a delay by the manufacturer in the supply of the products to Go Modern.

The Customer should inspect the products on their arrival and notify the Company immediately in writing (email: sales@gomodern.co.uk; Go Modern 565 Kings Road, London SW6 2EB) of any damage, shortage, over-delivery, loss or other particulars by reason of which the Company alleges that the goods supplied do not conform to the Contract. 


The Customer should allow anything up to 14 weeks for their products to arrive in the UK at Go Modern, before being dispatched to the Customer. There may also be the required installation time on top of this. International holidays and extraneous events can make the delivery time longer. 50% of the payment is due on order of the Goods, unless specific arrangements for part payment are made. In all cases full payment must be received before the products are dispatched.

Go Modern deliveries take place during the week, and the Company does not offer Saturday deliveries as a standard service.  If a Saturday delivery is possible it will be offered at a surcharge, but deliveries on Saturday are at the Company’s discretion and are not part of the usual service. No deliveries, collections or inspections can be made on Sunday’s and Bank Holidays.


As stated, it is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the furniture ordered can be delivered into the Customer’s property, and that there is safe and reasonable access from the public highway to the place of delivery.  If Go Modern delivery staff consider that the access is unsafe, they will not deliver the goods until safe access is provided.  The Customer is obliged to provide any required parking permits in advance of the delivery. The Customer should ensure that access to the delivery address is possible on the date of delivery. 

The Customer will not be entitled to reject the Goods upon the basis that access and installation cannot be obtained upon the delivery. It is the Customer’s own responsibility to check that the furniture ordered will fit through doorways, up stairways, around corners or into awkward, restrictive spaces. If the Customer has any doubts about access, it is vital that they let Go Modern know and we can then advise. 

At the point of delivery, if normal access through a doorway is not available, and any other means of access are required, e.g. removing doors, banisters, window frames, crane-hoisting in through windows, as well as carrying up several flights of stairs, the Customer will have to pay any additional charges, as a consequence, prior to delivery.
Items such as beds with mattress slats, for example, may not fit through smaller access spaces. Sofas and other large items may not fit through doorways or may not go around tight corners. 

Because deliveries are carefully scheduled, a second delivery at a later date will be arranged by Go Modern, but a second delivery charge will also be applied.