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Bespoke Furniture

As our designer furniture is made to order in Italy there are a number of ways you can create completely unique pieces: customising upholstery, colours and sizes (also included in our made-to-measure/fitted furniture section). 

Our Bonaldo Lars sofa covered in vibrant Romo fabric for their catalogue.

Of course our upholstered beds, sofas and dining/armchairs are all available in a wide variety of fabric choices (including leather) – but at Go Modern we also have the option to use our customers’ own fabric, opening up endless possibilities for both Trade & Private clients.

We can supply any of the Romo, Kirkby, Villa Nova, Mark Alexander and Zinc fabrics, and we keep the most popular samples in our showroom. Romo fabrics are one of the UK’s largest fabric houses and they have almost every type of fabric imaginable.

We also have the option to search by the customization you require, for example whether you can use your own fabric, change the size, or choose your own RAL colour.

Custom Sizes
We understand how important getting the correct size for your space is, which is why we offer the option to filter products by width, and/or depth and/or height. If the search result shows a product that appears to be larger or smaller than your searched dimensions that means it is available in your size, though the design will differ (often the image will be that of a wall unit for example!).

However, a number of our dining tables can be cut to specific sizes, as can many of our beds. We supply custom size mattresses as well.

European/International Fabric & Foam
We have the strictest fire regulations in the world, in the UK! Any product used in the UK must have UK specific FR foam AND only use certain (75% natural fibres) fabrics, either back coated, or with an interliner. However, we can order all of our products with European standard (or any standard) foam & fabric - passing on the cost saving to you at the same time. 

Please note though, the products must be going outside the UK - if you use them here you will void your home insurance.