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Manutti create luxury outdoor furniture, offering a beautiful collection of designer garden furniture, made to exacting standards. Based in Belgium, the Manutti collection includes garden sofas, garden armchairs, sun loungers, garden dining furniture, parasols and much more, in timeless contemporary designs.

One of the very first to launch fully upholstered modern garden furniture Manutti use a range of cutting edge materials for their contemporary garden furniture, which is designed to stand the test of time. Borrowing from the luxury yacht industry everything Manutti make is exceptional quality. 

Go Modern have been working with Manutti for over 10 years, & are Manutti experts. We know the collections inside out, & offer excellent trade discounts as well as fantastic prices to private clients. Our lead times are the best, our logistics team have delivered Manutti to a huge number of different countries, & our UK deliveries include a complete assembly service - essential when dealing with outdoor furniture of this quality & complexitity. .

We work with customers from anywhere in the UK, or abroad, & many of our customers place orders wthout ever coming in. For more details please feel free to Contact Us via email or phone us on 020 7731 9540, or visit our London showroom.

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-CASC-03 Manutti Cascade Garden Daybed
  • £7410.00
GM-COBI-01 Manutti Cobi Garden Coffee Table
  • £1570.00
GM-TSUKI-01 Manutti Tsuki Garden Side Table
  • £860.00
GM-MOOD-05 Manutti Mood Garden Coffee Table
  • £1170.00
GM-MOOD-06 Manutti Mood Garden Side Table
  • £925.00
GM-TORS-01 Manutti Torsa Garden Table
  • £5340.00
GM-TORS-02 Manutti Torsa Round Garden Table
  • £4790.00
GM-TORS-03 Manutti Torsa Bistro Table
  • £1750.00
GM-TORS-05 Manutti Torsa Garden Bar Table
  • £1950.00
GM-TORS-04 Manutti Torsa Garden Coffee Table
  • £1190.00
GM-PRAT-03 Manutti Prato Teak Garden Coffee Table
  • £3395.00
GM-PRAT-04 Manutti Prato Teak Garden Bench
  • £2800.00
GM-LINE-11 Manutti Linear Outdoor Rug
  • £1485.00
GM-TWIS-01 Manutti Twist Outdoor Rug
  • £2310.00
GM-FLEXX-02 Manutti Flex Garden Sofa
  • £5120.00
GM-FLEXX-03 Manutti Flex Garden Footstool
  • £1860.00
GM-FLEXX-04 Manutti Flex Garden Coffee Table
  • £925.00
GM-FLEXX-05 Manutti Flex Corner Garden Sofa
  • £9710.00
GM-FLEXX-06 Manutti Flex Large Garden Sofa
  • £19615.00
GM-RADI-12 Manutti Radius Garden Bar Stool
  • £1050.00
GM-SOLI-06 Manutti Solid Garden Stool
  • £470.00
GM-SOLI-07 Manutti Solid Garden Bar Stool
  • £980.00
GM-SOLI-08 Manutti Solid Garden Counter Stool
  • £620.00
GM-FLEXX-01 Manutti Flex Garden Armchair
  • £3800.00
GM-PRAT-05 Manutti Prato Garden Coffee Table
  • £2890.00
GM-MOOD-04 Manutti Mood Garden Lounge Chair
  • £830.00
GM-RIVE-01 Manutti River Garden Armchair
  • £1980.00
GM-MALB-03 Manutti Malibu Garden Armchair
  • £685.00
GM-RADI-10 Manutti Radius Garden Armchair
  • £2190.00
GM-AIR-07 Manutti Air Armchair
  • £4160.00
GM-CASC-02 Manutti Cascade Garden Armchair
  • £2240.00
GM-KOBO-01 Manutti Kobo Garden Armchair
  • £4120.00
GM-FLAM-03 Manutti Flame Garden Candle Holder With Lumo LED Light
  • £575.00
GM-RIVE-04 Manutti River Small Sun Lounger
  • £2740.00
GM-RIVE-06 Manutti River Sun Lounger
  • £4325.00
GM-RIVE-03 Manutti River Garden Dining Chair
  • £570.00
GM-RADI-11 Manutti Radius Garden Footstool/Side Table
  • £790.00
GM-MINU-01 Manutti Minus Dining Table
  • £4680.00
GM-RADI-03 Manutti Radius Garden Dining Chair
  • £900.00
GM-RIVE-02 Manutti River Garden Sofa
  • £4790.00
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