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Fast Spa was established in Italy in 1995, with a desire to create a new generation of garden furniture. Their defining moment was in 2007, when they launched the best-selling Forest collection, this gave birth to a new line of products at the cutting edge of design, both unique and beautifully crafted.

They specialise in aluminium garden furniture which is available in a staggering variety of colours, including RAL colours for special orders.  They have also recently added a new 'wood effect' finish, which is completely recyclable and consists of only natural fibres. 

One of our very first suppliers, Fast outdoor furniture is such good value for money. Although aluminium might be seen to be uncomfortable there are optional cushions available - or we can source you outdoor fabric from Romo, Villanova, Kirkby or even Missoni Home to either have Fast's cushions made with, or to have your own cushions made.

For more details, international enquiries, trade enquiries, or anything else please feel free to Contact Us via email or phone us on 020 7731 9540, or visit our London showroom. 

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GMC-NIWA-03 Set of Two, Niwa Garden Bar Stool - Clearance
  • New!
  • £850.00
GM-RADI-06 Radice Quadra Round Garden Table
  • £1560.00
GM-JOIN-06 Joint Modular Garden Sofa
  • £11900.00
GM-JOIN-07 Joint Contemporary Garden Sofa
  • £4100.00
GM-JOIN-08 Joint Contemporary Garden Coffee Table/Footrest
  • £920.00
GM-JOIN-09 Joint Contemporary Garden Armchair
  • £2770.00
GM-JOIN-10 Joint Contemporary Garden Daybed
  • £3390.00
GM-MOAI-02 Moai Square Garden Table
  • £2210.00
GM-MOAI-03 Moai Garden Table
  • £1890.00
GM-MOAI-04 Moai Ceramic Garden Table
  • £2350.00
GM-MOAI-01 Moai Round Garden Table
  • £2240.00
GM-ZEBR-01 Zebra Garden Chair
  • £370.00
GM-ZEBR-02 Zebra Garden Armchair
  • £425.00
GM-TONI-04 Tonik Square Garden Cafe Table
  • £340.00
GM-NIWA-03 Niwa Garden Bar Stool
  • £480.00
GM-EASY-08 Easy Contemporary Garden Bar Table
  • £1130.00
GM-RION-02 Rion Contemporary Garden Armchair
  • £250.00
GM-BARE-01 Bigfoot Contemporary Garden Armchair
  • £1636.00
GM-BARE-02 Bigfoot Contemporary Garden Pouf
  • £820.00
GM-USHU-01 Ushuaia Garden Sun Lounger
  • £1080.00
GM-NIWA-01 Niwa Contemporary Garden Dining Chair
  • £300.00
GM-SELV-05 Selva Garden Chair
  • £310.00
GM-SELV-03 Selva Armchair
  • £380.00
GM-SELV-08 Selva Bar Stool
  • £480.00
GM-SELV-06 Selva Garden Armchair
  • £380.00
GM-SELV-07 Selva Garden Bar Stool
  • £495.00
GM-ELIS-03 Elisa Garden Table With Folding Top
  • £340.00
GM-OASI-01 Oasis Garden Bench
  • £780.00
GM-CRUX-02 Crux Garden Bar Table
  • £450.00
GM-RION-01 Rion Garden Chair
  • £240.00
GM-EASY-06 Easy Garden Bar Stool
  • £490.00
GM-EASY-05 Easy Bar Stool
  • £450.00
GM-EASY-07 Easy 3 Metre Garden Table
  • £2030.00
GM-ELIC-01 Elisa Garden Table
  • £380.00
GM-ELIC-02 Elisa Garden Bar Table
  • £350.00
GM-ARCH-01 Arche Extending Garden Table
  • £2530.00
GM-EASY-01 Easy Garden Chair
  • £230.00
GM-RADI-05 Radice Quadra 2.9M Garden Table
  • £2490.00
GM-RADI-04 Radice Quadra Garden Table
  • £1320.00
GM-RADI-02 Radice Quadra Square Garden table
  • £990.00
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