Stylish, family-friendly dining tables


The organised amongst us (quick straw poll in the office: five out of eleven) have already made plans for Christmas. And it seems that we’re all the same – it’s the perennial problem of space. Particularly extra space at the table for larger gatherings of family and friends.  We get lots of enquiries around now for ‘large family-friendly dining tables’ and our conclusion is that most of us are looking for something similar.  That is, a table that looks uber stylish, works on a day to day basis with family life (i.e. needs to be near bomb proof) and is also clever enough to accommodate 12-16 people at anyone sitting when you need it to.  It’s the reliable work horse of the kitchen/dining room. Unless of course you thought that was you! Continue reading “Stylish, family-friendly dining tables”

If our customers are happy – so are we!

It kind of goes without saying doesn’t it (but we will): If our customers are happy – so are we! And we really love to get feedback… but then to receive photographs of furniture in its new home is the icing on the cake.

So we were delighted when clients from Sevenoaks in Kent contacted us to say how pleased they were with their recent purchases.  So pleased that they wanted to share the results! So we thought we’d share them with you too… and we think you’ll agree the results are just fab.  But, no more from us… here’s what they had to say (and we’ll sit here quietly blushing):

“We were looking for some statement pieces to use in our home, as we’d just undertaken a huge re-refurbishment. We’d waited many years for the moment when we could finally buy some beautiful furniture! We luckily came across Go Modern and were immediately struck by the stunning designs and large range of choice – many unique pieces caught our attention. Continue reading “If our customers are happy – so are we!”

Throw out your tablecloths!

Rapid technological change isn’t just confined to what we listen to our music on, or which smartphone update is the latest ‘can’t live without’ device. The world of furniture design is as much a part of the technological revolution as any other industry.  Leading furniture manufacturers now invest large amounts of research-effort into creating materials that not only look fantastic but outperform anything that has gone before.  The latest designs to benefit from this are dining tables with amazing, near indestructible table tops (with apologies to all manufacturers of coasters and heat resistant tablecloths here…).

Our Italian brand Bontempi Cassa is one of a number of leading manufacturers to have launched their AW2015 dining tables featuring SuperCeramica, a material which not only looks elegant and stylish but that creates a virtually indestructible table top surface.

Cruz dining table
Cruz dining table

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