It’s all About the Kids

Italians, it’s always said, love babies and children.  It’s all about the kids. Nothing shows this more than the latest designs from Italian brand Battistella and their Nidi range of children’s furniture.

We’re so impressed with their latest, highly original designs for kids.  They combine style, imagination and tons of practical ideas.  There are three collections to choose from based around the themes of art, nature and, importantly, fun! As we’ve said, it’s (definitely) all about the kids.

Nidi Soft Collection
Nidi Soft Collection

The soft collection

The Soft Collection (above) includes this amazingly versatile loft bed.   It has a matching ladder that can be positioned at the front or side, and there’s also the option of fitting a desk below the bed.  We also love the handy ‘toy organiser’ between the soft padded frame and the mattress.  And the kids will too.

Nidi Soft loft bed - toy organiser
Nidi Soft loft bed – toy organiser

The Graphic collection

Or introduce the idea of creating your own art with the Graphic Collection (below)

Nidi Graphic Collection
Nidi Graphic Collection

This is designed to encourage the budding Banksys out there (of which ther are many).  The Graphic collection features white-board surfaces on desks and wardrobes.  Nidi even includes pens along with a handy pen holder (probably not very Banksy that bit – but we think it’s a nice touch) which doubles up as a door handle.  And while young artistic skills are being honed, you’ll be pleased to know that the white-boards are completely re-writeable/cleanable with dry-wipe surfaces.

The Woody range

Keeping in touch with nature is also a theme.  The Woody Collection (below) features lots of natural finishes, while still allowing for pops of bright colours along with more muted shades for the older crowd.

Nidi Woody Collection
Nidi Woody Collection

Woody, like the other two ranges is modular, and contains storage beds, with deep under drawers, wardrobes, desks, wall units, shelves.  Everything in fact to create a very stylish and unique children’s room from scratch.

Lookout for the wonderful accessories too.  From bright, graphic rugs and wall stickers, to toy boxes, side tables and felt poufs. Makes you want to be 10 again doesn’t it!