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  • Manutti San Bench

    Manutti San Bench

    • £2280.00

    L200cm x D65cm x H38cm

  • Manutti Air Armchair

    Manutti Air Armchair

    • £4160.00

    132cm wide x 107cm deep x 82cm high

    Cushion options:
    Narrow version - seat cushion W107cm x D71cm, back cushion W107cm x H45cm
    Wide version - seat cushion W132cm x D71cm, back cushion W132cm x H45cm
    Scatter cushion not included

    Side table: 43.5cm x 36cm x 44.5cm high

  • Manutti Elements Armchair

    Manutti Elements Armchair

    • £6560.00

    Armchair - W140cm x D117cm x H78.5/Seat height 37cm
    Includes: Seat Cushion 117cm x 71cm & Back Cushion 117cm x 40cm & Backrest

    Side Table - W35cm x D45cm x H28.5cm
    Footrest - W70cm x D60cm x H37cm

  • Manutti Zendo Armchair

    Manutti Zendo Armchair

    • £2640.00

    W99cm x D100cm x H71cm

    Seat height 39.5cm Armrest height 51.5cm

  • Manutti Liner Sun Lounger

    Manutti Liner Sun Lounger

    • £2075.00

    L204.5cm x W70cm x H27cm

  • Manutti Cascade Garden Sofa

    Manutti Cascade Garden Sofa

    • £5010.00

    W211cm x D81cm x H69cm
    Seat Height 22cm
    Sofa Price Includes:
    1 x Seat Cushion
    2 x Back Cushions
    2 x Square Deco Cushions (40cm x 40cm)
    2 x Round Deco Cushions (30cm)

  • Manutti Air Sun Lounger

    Manutti Air Sun Lounger

    • £7480.00

    132cm wide x 214cm long

    Includes Seat & Backrest Cushions &
    1 x Deco cushion 40cm x 40cm

  • Manutti Cascade Garden Armchair

    Manutti Cascade Garden Armchair

    • £2240.00

    Armchair: W82cm x D84cm x H69cm
    Seat Height 42cm

    Armchair Price Includes:
    1 x Seat Cushion
    1 x Back Cushion
    1 x Deco Cushion (40cm x 40cm)

  • Manutti Echo Garden Chair

    Manutti Echo Garden Chair

    • £645.00

    W56.5cm x D59.5cm x H77cm

    Seat height 44cm, armrest height 66.5cm

  • Manutti Echo Garden Armchair

    Manutti Echo Garden Armchair

    • £890.00

    W66cm x D66.5cm x H70cm

    Seat height 36cm, armrest height 61cm

  • Manutti Elements Garden Sofa

    Manutti Elements Garden Sofa

    • £21780.00

    Concept 1:- W397cm x D280cm
    (Excluding Coffee Table)
    Seat height 37cm.

  • Manutti Elements Sun Lounger

    Manutti Elements Sun Lounger

    • £11350.00

    L234cm x W140cm x H37cm

  • Manutti Zendo Club Chair

    Manutti Zendo Club Chair

    • £1850.00

    W60.5cm x D60.5cm x H65.5cm
    Seat Height 48.5cm

  • Manutti Fuse Sun Lounger

    Manutti Fuse Sun Lounger

    • £1485.00

    L201.5cm x W79cm x H26cm

  • Manutti Fuse Garden Armchair

    Manutti Fuse Garden Armchair

    • £1795.00

    W86cm x D84cm x H70.5cm

    Seat height 42cm

  • Manutti Fuse Garden Table

    Manutti Fuse Garden Table

    • £4995.00

    300cm long x 101cm wide x 75cm high

    Benches available as 45cm stools or a long 300cm bench. Cushions for both can be supplied as well.

  • Manutti Fuse Garden Bench

    Manutti Fuse Garden Bench

    • £2400.00

    Long Bench: 300cm l x 39cm w x 44.5cm h

    Individual Bench Seat: 45cm l x 39cm w x 44.5cm h

    Optional Bench Cushions can be supplied

  • Manutti Helios Sun Lounger

    Manutti Helios Sun Lounger

    • £1025.00

    L202cm x W67.5cm x H29cm

  • Manutti Kobo Garden Armchair

    Manutti Kobo Garden Armchair

    • £4120.00

    W114cm x D105cm x H66.5cm

    Seat height 36cm

  • Manutti Kobo Garden Sofa

    Manutti Kobo Garden Sofa

    • £8230.00

    W270cm x D109cm x H67cm
    Seat height 36cm
    Includes Seat & Back Cushions & six Scatter Cushions

  • Manutti Kobo Sun Lounger

    Manutti Kobo Sun Lounger

    • £4670.00

    L220cm x W92cm x H24cm
    Includes 1 x square & 1 x round scatter cushion

  • Manutti Kumo Sun Lounger

    Manutti Kumo Sun Lounger

    • £4000.00

    L214cm x W107cm x H40cm
    Optional Cushions:
    1 x Headrest cushion 65cm x 38cm
    1 x Square scatter cushion 40cm x 40cm

  • Manutti Kumo Garden Sofa

    Manutti Kumo Garden Sofa

    • £7890.00

    W216cm x D109cm x H57cm
    Seat height 40cm
    Cushions Included:
    2 x Back Cushions W65cm
    2 x Long deco W49cm
    2 x Square deco 40cm x 40cm

    Optional footrest - W107cm x D107cm x H40cm

  • Manutti Kumo Garden Armchair

    Manutti Kumo Garden Armchair

    • £3780.00

    W109cm x D107cm x H55cm
    Seat height 40cm.
    1 x Back Cushion W95cm x H38cm
    1 x Long deco cushion W79cm x H22cm

  • Manutti Latona Garden Chair

    Manutti Latona Garden Chair

    • £460.00
    W54cm x D59cm x H87.5cm
    Seat height 45cm, armrest height 66cm
  • Manutti Liner Garden Armchair

    Manutti Liner Garden Armchair

    • £1335.00

    W65.5cm x D69.5cm x H72cm

    Seat height 42cm, armrest height 60cm

  • Manutti Liner Garden Chair

    Manutti Liner Garden Chair

    • £995.00

    W57cm x D60cm x H81cm

    Seat height 49cm, armrest height 67.5cm

  • Manutti Livorno Garden Table

    Manutti Livorno Garden Table

    • £4395.00

    270cm x 108cm x H76cm

  • Manutti Loop Garden Chair

    Manutti Loop Garden Chair

    • £650.00

    W57.5cm x D61.5cm x H84.5cm
    Seat height 47.5cm

  • Manutti Loop Garden Armchair

    Manutti Loop Garden Armchair

    • £695.00

    W57.5cm x D59.5cm x H84.5cm

    Seat height 47.5cm

  • Manutti Malibu Garden Chair

    Manutti Malibu Garden Chair

    • £550.00

    W55cm x D61cm x H85cm

    Seat height 45.5cm, armrest height 67.5cm

  • Manutti Malibu Garden Sofa

    Manutti Malibu Garden Sofa

    • £1690.00

    W181cm x D74cm x H84cm
    Seat height 35.5cm, armrest height 66cm

    Cushion set includes:
    1 x Seat cushion
    3 x Back cushions 60cm x 60cm
    2 x back cushions 50cm x 50cm
    3 x Square deco cushions 40cm x 40cm

  • Manutti Minus Dining Table

    Manutti Minus Dining Table

    • £4680.00

    L220cm x 100cm x H74cm
    L280cm x 85cm x H74cm
    L280cm x 100cm x H74cm

  • Manutti Mood Garden Chair

    Manutti Mood Garden Chair

    • £610.00

    W53.5cm x D62cm x H83cm

    Seat height 44.5cm, armrest height 65cm

  • Manutti Square Garden Parasol

    Manutti Square Garden Parasol

    • £780.00

    W180cm x D180cm x H245cm

  • Manutti Teak Garden Parasol

    Manutti Teak Garden Parasol

    • £1850.00

    Round 300cm x H264cm
    Square 350cm x 350cm x H274cm
    Rectangular 300cm x 400cm x H284cm
    Pole 6cm across

  • Manutti Pi Side Table

    Manutti Pi Side Table

    • £415.00

    W32cm x D43.5cm x H45cm

  • Manutti Prato Garden Table

    Manutti Prato Garden Table

    • £3865.00

    L215cm x W107cm x H75cm
    L270cm x W107cm x H75cm

  • Manutti Quarto Garden Table

    Manutti Quarto Garden Table

    • £2620.00

    215cm x 105cm x 75cm h
    270cm x 105cm x 75cm h

  • Manutti River Garden Armchair

    Manutti River Garden Armchair

    • £1980.00

    110cm w x 106cm deep x 65cm high
    Seat height 37cm
    Cushions Included:
    1 x Seat cushion
    1 x Back cushion
    1 x Square deco cushion 40cm

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