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Porada have been making contemporary furniture in the Como area of Italy since 1948 and are now regarded as one of the world's leading brands.

Their mantra "everything is born from the love of wood" has seen them create some truly exceptional statement pieces for your home.  Using solid wood, combined with upholstery, marble, glass and metal, Porada are known for their quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Working with well known designers like Carlo Ballabio and Tarcisio Colzani, Porada's collection includes dining tables, dining chairs, sideboards, cupboards, console tables, coffee tables, sofas, armchairs, beds, night tables, mirrors, coat stands, and lighting, as well as some extremely flexible and sophisticated bookcase/media units.

Go Modern have worked with Porada for many years, & are Porada experts. We know their furniture inside out, & have a number of different pieces on display in our showroom. We work with trade or private customers, & have samples we can send on request - many of our customers place orders without ever coming in. 

Our logistics team have delivered Porada to a huge number of different countries, & our UK furniture deliveries include a complete assembly service - essential when dealing with contemporary furniture of this quality.

Porada run a quickship program for selected items in their furniture range, offering delivery within 3-4 weeks, please see individual products for details or talk to our team.

Please Note: We price & supply all Porada upholstered furniture with UK fire retardant foam & fabric (a legal requirement for both you & us). If you are outside the UK we can provide a different standard of foam & a wider range of fabrics, as well as International prices. 

For more details, international enquiries, trade enquiries, or anything else please feel free to Contact Us via email or phone us on 020 7731 9540, or visit our London showroom. 

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-OSMOP-01 Porada Osmose Dining Table
  • £14870.00
GM-SANSP-01 Porada Sansiro Dining Table in Wood
  • £10600.00
GM-SANSP-02 Porada Sansiro Dining Table
  • £9320.00
GM-FRIDP-01 Porada Frida Dining Chair
  • £1930.00
GM-LAMBP-01 Porada Lambda Dining Chair
  • £1560.00
GM-MOLLY-01 Porada Molly Dining Chair
  • £2380.00
GM-ABBYP-03 Porada Abby Dining Chair
  • £1760.00
GM-AKSEP-01 Porada Aksel Writing Desk
  • £6020.00
GM-ATSUK-01 Porada Atsuko Display Cabinet
  • £14720.00
GM-AMARP-01 Porada Amarantha Armchair
  • £4080.00
GM-BICEP-01 Porada Bice Armchair
  • £6510.00
GM-CALIN-01 Porada Calin Armchair with Swivel Base
  • £3900.00
GM-BAYU-11 Porada Bayus Tondo 44 Night Table
  • £3800.00
GM-EKER-08 Porada Ekero Bedside Table
  • £3720.00
GM-EKER-09 Porada Ekero Fix Table Lamp
  • £610.00
GM-TILLP-01 Porada Tillow Side Table
  • £2050.00
GM-TILLP-02 Porada Tillow Coffee Table
  • £2460.00
GM-CALLP-03 Porada Callisto Mix Wood/Marble Coffee Table
  • £6320.00
GM-AKSEP-02 Porada Aksel Dressing Table
  • £6020.00
GM-AMARP-02 Porada Amarantha Pouf
  • £2280.00
GM-BICEP-02 Porada Bice Pouf
  • £2680.00
GM-KLEM-02 Porada Klem Sofa Composition C
  • £23480.00
GM-KLEM-01 Porada Klem Sofa
  • £10690.00
GM-TYSL-01 Porada Tysla Sideboard
  • £11450.00
GM-TYSL-02 Porada Tysla 54 Night Table
  • £3750.00
GM-TYSL-03 Porada Tysla 4 Chest of Drawers
  • £9470.00
GM-ZIGG-19 Porada Ziggy Bed Soft
  • £7610.00
GM-EKER-07 Porada Ekero Move Table Lamp
  • £680.00
GM-ZIGG-18 Porada Ziggy Night XL Table
  • £3260.00
GM-QUADF-08 Porada Quadrifoglio Coffee Table
  • £4030.00
GM-ODINO-01 Porada Odino Full Length Mirror
  • £3450.00
GM-GONGP-01 Porada Gong Full Length Mirror
  • £3980.00
GM-TRPL-01 Porada Triple Mirror
  • £270.00
GM-ABBYP-02 Porada Abby Swivel Chair
  • £1690.00
GM-ANDY-03 Porada Andy Dining Chair with Swivel Base
  • £1960.00
GM-CELI-02 Porada Celine Dining Chair with Swivel Base
  • £2030.00
GM-CONNI-03 Porada Connie Dining Chair with Swivel Base
  • £2050.00
GM-COPIN-05 Porada Copine Armchair with Swivel Base
  • £3030.00
GM-COPIN-06 Porada Copine Bergere Armchair with Swivel Base
  • £3410.00
GM-ESTR-05 Porada Ester Lift Bar Stool
  • £2120.00
GM-CALLP-01 Porada Callisto Coffee Table
  • £2340.00
GM-CALLP-02 Porada Callisto Mix Coffee Table
  • £6330.00
GM-ECKI-01 Porada Eckig Coffee Table
  • £3250.00
GM-HEATH-01 Porada Heather Dining Chair with Swivel Base
  • £1380.00
GM-MAORI-01 Porada Maori Console Table
  • £1160.00
GM-NOEM-01 Porada Noemi Dining Chair
  • £1460.00
GM-ABBYP-01 Porada Abby Armchair
  • £1760.00
GM-AFRO-05 Porada Afrodite Bijoux Desk
  • £8360.00
GM-SOFTB-06 Porada Softbay Chaise Longue
  • £8370.00
GM-EKER-05 Porada Ekero Totem Floor Lamp
  • £2490.00
GM-EKER-06 Porada Ekero Table Lamp
  • £980.00
GM-ETIE-01 Porada Etienne Sofa
  • £11520.00
GM-ETIE-02 Porada Etienne Sofa Composition E
  • £18010.00
GM-SOFTB-07 Porada Softbay Corner Sofa
  • £16840.00
GM-SOFTB-08 Porada Softbay Large Sofa
  • £16960.00
GM-MATIC-04 Porada Matics 1 Display Cabinet
  • £7440.00
GM-MATIC-05 Porada Matics 2 Display Cabinet
  • £7690.00
GM-MATIC-06 Porada Matics 2 Open Cabinet
  • £6100.00
GM-MATIC-07 Porada Matics TV Unit
  • £8880.00
GM-AFRO-04 Porada Afrodite Bijoux Dressing Table
  • £8360.00
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