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We have a wonderful collection of Italian made upholstered beds that represent great value for money, & are excellent quality. Available in sizes from UK King to Emperor the collection includes storage beds. 

We also have a range of made to order mattresses, to fit our European beds (including children's beds), as mattresses from our suppliers often do not meet UK fire regulations.  Hand made using traditional English craftsmanship, all of our mattresses contain cotton, lamb's wool or cashmere fillings. You can also choose from 15cm deep mattresses for the spare room, right through to the ultimate luxury of an almost 30cm deep 3000 spring mattress.

These mattress can be ordered in any size to fit your bed too, so if the frame is 2cm smaller than a standard European size, it's no problem. We will look at the bed you ordered, check the frame size and make sure it all works perfectly. Also, if you and your partner prefer different comfort levels, we can zip two smaller mattresses together so you each have a different sleeping surface, but only one mattress.

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GM-PLAI-02 Plait Storage Bed
  • £2090.00
GM-PLAI-03 Plait Upholstered Bed
  • £1750.00
GM-PLAI-04 Plait Alto Upholstered Bed
  • £3190.00
GM-PLAI-05 Plait Alto Storage Bed
  • £2390.00
GM-PLAI-21 Plait King Size Bed
  • £1750.00
GM-PLAI-24 Plait Alto King Size Bed
  • £2040.00
GM-PLAI-31 Plait Super King Size Bed
  • £1860.00
GM-PLAI-34 Plait Alto Super King Size Bed
  • £2190.00
GM-FELI-21 Felix King Size Bed
  • £1700.00
GM-FELI-31 Felix Super King Size Bed
  • £2210.00
GM-FIOR-02 Fiore Upholstered Bed
  • £1690.00
GM-FIOR-03 Fiore Storage Bed
  • £2030.00
GM-FIOR-21 Fiore King Size Bed
  • £2030.00
GM-FIOR-31 Fiore Super King Size Bed
  • £2200.00
GM-VERT-01 Vertigo Upholstered Bed
  • £1660.00
GM-VERT-11 Vertigo Storage bed
  • £1580.00
GM-VERT-21 Vertigo King Size Bed
  • £1410.00
GM-VERT-31 Vertigo Super King Size Bed
  • £1670.00
GM-CELI-09 Celine Upholstered Bed
  • £1410.00
GM-EVE-02 Eve Storage Bed
  • £1600.00
GM-CELI-29 Celine King Size Bed
  • £1410.00
GM-CELI-39 Celine Super King Size Bed
  • £1670.00
GM-PLUSH-01 Plush Upholstered Bed
  • £1550.00
GM-PLUSH-11 Plush Storage Bed
  • £1870.00
GM-PLUSH-21 Plush King Size Bed
  • £1550.00
GM-PLUSH-31 Plush Super King Size Bed
  • £1840.00
GM-PRIMA-02 Prima Upholstered Bed
  • £1980.00
GM-PRIMA-03 Prima Storage Bed
  • £2310.00
GM-PRIMA-21 Prima King Size Bed
  • £1980.00
GM-PRIMA-31 Prima Super King Size Bed
  • £2120.00
GM-METRO-01 Metropolitan Upholstered Bed
  • £2320.00
GM-METRO-02 Metropolitan Storage Bed
  • £2410.00
GM-METRO-21 Metropolitan King Size Bed
  • £2060.00
GM-DUET-06 Duet Upholstered Bed
  • £2150.00
GM-DUET-26 Duet King Size Bed
  • £2150.00
GM-DUET-36 Duet Super King Size Bed
  • £2440.00
GM-METRO-21-03 Metropolitan Super King Size Bed
  • £2320.00
GM-EVE-01 Eve King Size Bed
  • £1280.00
GM-EVE-03 Eve Super King Size Bed
  • £1510.00
GM-EVE-04 Eve Upholstered Bed
  • £1280.00
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