Top trends for autumn

It’s the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness – if that isn’t just too romantic (and OK a bit over-used we know – but hey, it’s still lovely!).  There’s quite a nip in the air and the clocks go back in a couple of weeks – definitely time to think about changing a few things for winter.  And, according to some new research from the Sleep Council (spotted via the BBC news site) the average Brit at the moment is getting just six-and-a-half hours’ sleep a night.  As usual, that’s down to a whole host of things but what the researchers could definitely say is: if you can increase your nightly sleep by even a bit (to over seven hours) you’ll be a lot healthier.

So, onto beds, our beds (a good bed has got to make a difference, right?) and Grand Designs Magazine, the November issue, is featuring one of ours big time.  The new Bonaldo Eureka bed gets a fab write up and the GD team also highlight the autumnal mustard and anthracite accessories used alongside the Eureka’s fresh white headboard and base, with its super-sized anthracite grey stitching.  Feeling sleepy anyone?

Eureka bed, Grand Designs, November
Grand Designs Magazine, November, & our Eureka bed

Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms, always sniffs out some amazing new design in their great ‘trend spotting’ Design News pages, and November’s issue is no exception.  They love our new Octa dining table, also from Bonaldo.  And, as they rightly tell you,  if you speak Greek you’ll know that Octa means eight, which is also the number of metal legs supporting this superb table. Looks great doesn’t it!

Octa Dining table
Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms, November, our Octa dining table

So, that’s your autumn/winter sleeping and eating sorted – all you need now is a nice, cosy sofa (did we mention our great new sofas…).  Pop in or give us a ring …  we’d love to show you all our latest designs – they’re just too good to keep quiet about!

Bonaldo Big Table strikes again!

We’ve always been very press friendly at Go Modern.  Our showroom isn’t huge but we have a number of stand-out pieces from our top manufacturers, along with fabric samples, wood, glass, lacquers and weaves if it’s garden furniture.   So, when the team at House & Garden asked if they could borrow our Big Table from Bonaldo for a shoot we were happy to oblige.  The Big Table by ultra talented designer Alain Gilles is a favourite, so we’re always ready to do a little showing off with it!  This one is in canaletto walnut with striking coral red, orange, green and lilac lacquered metal legs – a real show-stopper.  And the talented styling team at House & Garden included it in their great July feature ‘Block works’, using abstract prints and primary colours , mixing mid-century design with contemporary.  It looks terrific – what do you think?

Bonaldo Big Table
House & Garden Bonaldo Big Table

Big Table gets around – it also made an appearance in a beautifully styled piece in April’s Living-etc.  This time the focus was bold, bright and beautiful, taking influence from patterns and hand-crafted treasures, and the styling team created a modern masterpiece (with Big Table’s help of course!).

Living-etc - Bonaldo Big Table
Living-etc – Bonaldo Big Table

Pop in and see Big Table for yourself – there aren’t may tables that can say they’ve achieved ‘celebrabrity status’!

But BT is not the only piece to have been stealing the limelight.  Our pretty Dentelle ‘lace’ parasol (it looks like lace but it’s actually tough outdoor fabric) from Belgium designers Sywawa was chosen by the Sunday Time’s Style magazine as one of its favouritesin their aptly named ‘shady business’ feature.  Great choice guys!

Garden parasol Dentelle
Dentelle parasol – Sunday Times Style

And July’s Grand Designs opted for our Manutti Mushroom Parasol in their ‘shady business’ feature.  They loved the wind-up mechanism, tilting pole, contrasting spokes and fantastic weatherproof fabric… Yay…so do we…that’s why we chose it!

Mushroom Parasol from Sywawa
Grand Designs – Manutti Mushroom Parasol

So, pop in, give us a ring… look out for us in the press … come and meet a few celebrities!

Grand Designs Live and our Modulo sideboard!

We popped along to the Grand Designs Live exhibition at the weekend, as top interiors stylist Lizzie Chambers had borrowed our Modulo sideboard (the white matt lacquer with the oak top) to use in one of her interiors sets. It was a very buzzy show with some interesting exhibitors but the interiors sets were the highlight for us. Lizzie had gone for a white, turquoise and beige colour palette in the dining room piece, creating a calming effect, using muted background tones and colourful highlights in pattern and some of the smaller details.  She’d also mixed contemporary furnishings (our sideboard!) with vintage pieces creating a relaxed feel. Superb.

Modulo Sideboard, Grand Designs Live
Modulo Sideboard at Grand Designs Live Exhibition

As well as white matt lacquer, you can choose to have the top of the Modulo in walnut or keep to all matching matt white lacquer.

Modulo Sideboard
Modulo Sideboard

The Modulo sideboard is made by Tema Home, one of Portugal’s most popular contemporary furniture makers, who make a large range of furniture for dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms.  Tema Home has plenty of matching designs, to see their entire collection click here, otherwise click here to see all of our sideboards.