Grand Designs Live and our Modulo sideboard!

We popped along to the Grand Designs Live exhibition at the weekend, as top interiors stylist Lizzie Chambers had borrowed our Modulo sideboard (the white matt lacquer with the oak top) to use in one of her interiors sets. It was a very buzzy show with some interesting exhibitors but the interiors sets were the highlight for us. Lizzie had gone for a white, turquoise and beige colour palette in the dining room piece, creating a calming effect, using muted background tones and colourful highlights in pattern and some of the smaller details.  She’d also mixed contemporary furnishings (our sideboard!) with vintage pieces creating a relaxed feel. Superb.

Modulo Sideboard, Grand Designs Live
Modulo Sideboard at Grand Designs Live Exhibition

As well as white matt lacquer, you can choose to have the top of the Modulo in walnut or keep to all matching matt white lacquer.

Modulo Sideboard
Modulo Sideboard

The Modulo sideboard is made by Tema Home, one of Portugal’s most popular contemporary furniture makers, who make a large range of furniture for dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms.  Tema Home has plenty of matching designs, to see their entire collection click here, otherwise click here to see all of our sideboards.