Novamobili – culture of sustainability

Novamobili Stave wardrobe
Novamobili Stave wardrobe – launched Milan summer 2022

Novamobili love to rewrite the rule book. And one rule book they are constantly updating is the one entitled ‘sustainability’.

They are leading lights in the furniture world with their production based on solid, artisanal traditions. Alongside this, of course, is the use of the industry’s most up-to-date technology.  Everything they produce, however, is done with a firm eye on maintaining and improving their sustainable culture.

Sustainability is a concept that informs our everyday decisions. We have always taken our environmental and occupational safety responsibilities very seriously.  We strongly believe that the culture of sustainability is a value that can define the quality and creativity of our projects.   NOVAMOBILI

Novamobili Vico wardrobe
Novamobili Vico wardrobe

Go Modern x Novamobili

We go back a long way.  Go Modern was one of the very first UK furniture retailers to work with Novamobili. We hugely admire their modern, modular designs.  They major on creating contemporary pieces that embody flexibility and cross-functionality, with style. And we love their commitment to doing the very best on an environmental level.

Alongside a continuing commitment to good working conditions (happy people = happy furniture in our book) they are constantly assessing their impact on the world around them. All of their furniture, for example, is made using panels bearing ‘Ecological Panel’ (recycled timber) and Carb2 (California Resources Board) certification.  Which means, importantly, only using wood approved by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

Novamobili Giro Giro Chest of Drawers
Novamobili Giro Giro Chest of Drawers

Water Based Paint

Then there is the paint finish. Novamobili were one of the first companies to use water-based paint on their designs. And the big noise here is that they are now on the cusp of introducing an even more advanced, sustainable process. That’s because within the next 12 months, Novamobili will be using entirely organic water-based paint.

Novamobili Float Low Sideboar
Novamobili Float Low Sideboard

They tell us that the use of organic water-based paint will result in an annual reduction in C02 emissions of around 8.5 tonnes.  These organic coatings are in line with the latest green policies that are being adopted world-wide.

Low Impact – High Quality

Organic water-based paint has an exceptionally low environmental impact.  And the extra good news is that it still delivers an exceptionally high performance.  Tests have shown that these advanced coatings perform extremely well for hardness, alongside chemical and UV resistance.

Novamobili Perry-Gola Wardrobe
Novamobili Perry-Gola Wardrobe

Breadth of Choice

One of the stand-out features about Novamobili (alongside their fabulous designs) is the choice of finish on offer.  The Perry-Gola wardrobe (above) for example is available in 19 different lacquer colours. So whatever your bedroom colour theme there will be something to suit.

Shades such as Forest or Leaf, sit tantalisingly alongside Midnight Blue or Amber.  For those looking for something more muted, Dove Grey White or Off White are also on offer.

So fantastic news all round and well done Novamobili.  It’s not only good news for the well being of their workforce it’s also is another step along the way to respecting our planet.  Which can’t come a day to soon.  It also means that furniture with the Novamobili label creates long lasting value for you and your home.