Not wishing to blow our own trumpet but..

Not wishing to blow our own trumpet, but go on we will …!

The fab Ideal Home Show (amazingly, 2013  is the 105th one!) is taking place at the moment and it’s a show we’ve partnered with a few times in the past.  This year we were asked to loan two of our designs for two separate features within the show.

Architect George Clarke’s ‘Elastic Living’ set featured one of our bio-ethanol fires.  The idea was to show how designs can have ‘elasticity’ and be portable from one room to another or even from indoors to outdoors.  Cue our bio-ethanol fires.  George borrowed the World Fire by Decoflame, ultra modern, totally portable, flueless and with real flames that give out heat equivalent to an open fire, burning for up to six hours.  As you know we love these fires and we’ve had one burning in the show room all winter, and a second one heating our office.  It was the one from the office that George borrowed so, as you can imagine, with temperatures the way they are at the moment, we’ll be keen to have it back as soon as the show is over! To see our stunning range of bioethanol fires click here.

Deco Flame World Fire
Deco Flame World Fire

On the garden front the clever horticultural team from Writtle Horticultural College in Essex won Silver for their entry into the ‘Young Gardner of the Year’ competition, supported by the Prince’s Foundation and visited by HRH Prince Charles no less.   The garden design was superb ‘bringing the tranquility of the countryside’s natural landscape into the city’.  The guys created a bespoke willow hedge and used some of our Selva chairs (you know the ones with the clever, sculpted, tree designs in the back-rests) to dress the set.   It looked stunning – well done team!

Selva garden arm chairs
Selva garden armchairs in the Silver award winning garden from Writtles College