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Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom Furniture

We take bedroom style very seriously at Go Modern. We offer an extensive range of luxury, hand-picked contemporary furniture for the bedroom, including beautiful beds, in almost every size, along with a fantastic range of storage beds.  In addition we have matching/non-matching or complementing bedside cabinets and chests of drawers.  We also have an ultra-stylish and practical collection of dressing tables.

As much of our bedroom furniture can be customised, for size, finish or colour, the images may not show exactly the design you are looking for. Please use our filters to help find the design you are looking for, or talk to our expert showroom team who can guide you in the right direction.

Some of our most popular bedroom furniture brands include Jesse, Bonaldo, Novamobili, Porada, and Lema Mobili

Alongside our bedroom furniture we also have a large selection of wardrobes - which is one of our speciality areas. Whatever your style or whether you are looking for hinged, fitted, sliding-door or walk-in wardrobes we have a wide range on offer, including customised designs for those awkward spaces such as under eaves or stairs.

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-EASY-09 Novamobili Easy Small Bedside Cabinet
  • £200.00
GM-ARIS-01 Aris Bedside Cabinet
  • £210.00
GM-CARA-01 Cara Bedside Cabinet
  • £210.00
GM-WRAP-05 Wrap Bedside Cabinet
  • £210.00
GM-STAG-03 Jesse Stage Bedside Cabinet
  • £210.00
GM-NAP-03 Jesse Nap Bedside Cabinet
  • £215.00
GM-ORIG-01 Orig Bedside Table
  • £220.00
GM-EASY-10 Novamobili Easy Bedside Cabinet
  • £240.00
GM-OSLO-03 Oslo Bedside Cabinet
  • £250.00
GM-NAP-05 Jesse Nap Bedside Cabinet in Wood
  • £255.00
GM-ATHE-03 Atene Bedside Cabinet
  • £260.00
GM-GIRO-10 Novamobili Giro Giro Bedside Cabinet
  • £270.00
GM-WOOD-14 Battistella Woody Bedside Table with Legs
  • £280.00
GM-HALO-01 Halo Bedside Cabinet
  • £290.00
GM-PRAG-02 Praga Bedside Cabinet
  • £310.00
GM-LOND-03 Londra Bedside Cabinet
  • £310.00
GM-DEFI-02 Jesse Defile Bedside Cabinet
  • £330.00
GMC-SHADE-01. Jesse Shade Bedside Cabinet - Clearance
  • £330.00
GM-PITA-01 Novamobili Pitagoria Bedside Cabinet
  • £330.00
GM-BONN-02 Bonn Bedside Cabinet
  • £340.00
GM-STAG-01 Jesse Stage Chest of Drawers
  • £360.00
GM-CUBE-08 Novamobili Cube Tray Bench
  • £360.00
GM-NAP-02 Jesse Nap Chest of Drawers
  • £370.00
GM-BILB-03 Bilbao Bedside Cabinet
  • £370.00
GM-SHADE-01 Jesse Shade Bedside Cabinet
  • £405.00
GM-EASY-11 Novamobili Easy Chest of Drawers
  • £420.00
GM-NAP-06 Jesse Nap Chest of Drawers in Wood
  • £435.00
GM-ICON-03 Jesse Icon Bedside Cabinet
  • £440.00
GM-OSLO-05 Oslo Chest of Drawers
  • £480.00
GM-FLOA-05 Float Bedside Cabinet
  • £490.00
GM-PLUME-01 Jesse Plume Bedside Cabinet
  • £490.00
GM-ATHE-02 Atene Chest of Drawers
  • £490.00
GM-DPI-01 Mogg DPI Wall Unit
  • £500.00
GM-PRAG-03 Praga Chest of Drawers
  • £510.00
GM-SAGRE-01 Sagres Bedside Table
  • £520.00
GM-WOOD-08 Battistella Woody Tall Chest Of Drawers
  • £520.00
GM-DEFI-01 Jesse Defile Chest of Drawers
  • £525.00
GM-OSLO-04 Oslo Tall Chest of Drawers
  • £560.00
GM-ATHE-01 Atene Tall Chest of Drawers
  • £570.00
GM-CUBE-07 Novamobili Cube Bedside Cabinet
  • £580.00
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