565 Kings Rd, London, SW6 2EB

Symo make fabulous contemporary garden parasols, including the well known Frou Frou, Breezer and Shadylace garden parasols. Based in Belgium, Symo also make a range of parasol bases to match, as well as specialist lighting and tables to fit over the poles of their parasols.

Working with high profile and innovative designers, including Davy Grosemans and Droog designs, several of their products have won design awards. All of the garden parasols from Symo are suitable for commercial/contract use.

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-GEISH-01 Sywawa Geisha Garden Parasol
  • £1100.00
GM-TAHIT-01 Sywawa Tahiti Garden Parasol
  • £1990.00
GM-CHOK-01 Sywawa Chock-O-Lat Garden Parasol
  • £690.00
GM-TLE-01 Sywawa Tile Parasol Base
  • £640.00
GM-TWST-01 Sywawa Twister Garden Parasol
  • £2130.00
GM-SOLLS-01 Sywawa Solis Garden Parasol
  • £3730.00
GM-ROND-01 Sywawa Rondo Parasol Base
  • £570.00
GM-BLAH-02 Sywawa Blah Blah Table With Coupe
  • £640.00
GM-BLOO-05 Sywawa Bloom Garden Parasol
  • £2520.00
GM-GULL-05 Sywawa Gulliver Garden Parasol
  • £1480.00
GM-SOLI-02 Sywawa Solis Round Garden Parasol
  • £3510.00
GM-BLAH-01 Sywawa Blah Blah Garden Parasol Table
  • £430.00
GM-COUT-01 Sywawa Couture Garden Parasol
  • £300.00
GM-PADD-01 Sywawa Paddo Garden Parasol
  • £720.00
GM-LUNA-01 Sywawa Luna Parasol Base
  • £350.00
GM-FROU-03 Sywawa Frou Frou Green Parasol
  • £2000.00
GM-FROU-02 Sywawa Frou Frou Black Parasol
  • £2130.00
GM-FROU-01 Sywawa Frou Frou White Parasol
  • £1900.00
GM-BREEZ-01 Sywawa Breezer Garden Parasol
  • £2780.00
GM-CUBE-02 Sywawa Cube Parasol Base/Seat
  • £220.00
GM-COUP-01 Sywawa Coupe Parasol Base
  • £440.00
GM-SHAD-01 Sywawa Shadylace Parasol
  • £280.00
GM-SHAD-02 Sywawa Shadylace XL Parasol
  • £1020.00