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Saba Italia are well known in their native Italy, but are still somewhat of a well kept secret here in the UK. Saba have been creating stunning contemporary sofas and armchairs since 1988 that are not only technically excellent and beautifully crafted, but also at the cutting edge of the latest designs. 

Saba Italia's motto is "harmony and creativity for perfect living" and their collection of functional, modern designer furniture also includes coffee tables and bookcases as well as an outdoor version of their much loved New York armchair.

Known for their comfort (they are popular in Italy for a reason) Saba also have a fantastic choice of fabrics, & we can also provide fabrics from Villanova, Romo etc (including new fabrics that will repel dirt & stains - fantastic if you have pets, or children), or you can provide your own fabric. 

We have several Saba designs on display in our showroom, & also have samples we can send on request - in fact many of our customers place orders wthout ever coming in, as we deliver throughout the UK.

Please Note: We price & supply all Saba Italia upholstered furniture with UK fire retardant foam & fabric (a legal requirement for both you & us). If you are outside the UK we can provide a different standard of foam & a wider range of fabrics, as well as International prices. 

For more details, trade enquiries, international deliveries, or anything else please feel free to Contact Us via email or phone us on 020 7731 9540, or visit our London showroom.

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-NEWY-32 Saba New York Chair by Marras
  • £700.00
GM-PIXE-08 Saba Pixel Box Bed
  • £3480.00
GM-PIXE-09 Saba Pixel Air Bed
  • £2790.00
GM-NEWY-33 Saba New York Box Bed
  • £3050.00
GM-AVEN-04 Saba Avant-Apres Bed
  • £3120.00
GM-PIXE-10 Saba Pixel Light Large Corner Sofa (Indoor)
  • £11430.00
GM-PIXE-03 Saba Pixel Light Corner Sofa (Indoor)
  • £8090.00
GM-PIXE-04 Saba Pixel Light Corner Sofa (Outdoor)
  • £10090.00
GM-LIMES-03 Saba Limes Sofa
  • £4520.00
GM-PIXE-06 Saba Pixel Large Sofa
  • £9440.00
GM-PIXE-05 Saba Pixel Corner Sofa
  • £5390.00
GM-SUNST-02 Saba Sunset Bergere Armchair
  • £2580.00
GM-NEWY-29 Saba New York Soleil Garden Lounge Armchair
  • £4050.00
GM-SUNST-01 Saba Sunset Armchair
  • £2460.00
GM-PIXE-07 Saba Pixel Pouf
  • £420.00
GM-GEOP-06 Saba Geo Garden Pouf
  • £590.00
GM-HONE-02 Saba Honey Coffee Table / Pouf
  • £720.00
GM-HEXA-01 Saba Hexa Coffee Table
  • £880.00
GM-GEOP-05 Saba Geo Coffee Table
  • £620.00
GM-HEXA-02 Saba Hexa Console Table
  • £1750.00
GM-OLTR-01 Saba Oltremare Armchair
  • £2670.00
GM-OLTR-02 Saba Oltremare Sofa
  • £4370.00
GM-OLTR-03 Saba Oltremare Pouf
  • £1610.00
GM-ESSN-05 Saba Baby Essentiel Armchair
  • £1550.00
GM-NEWY-28 Saba New York Dining Sofa
  • £970.00
GM-COOKI-01 Saba Cookie Pouf
  • £750.00
GM-OLLA-02 Saba Ola Dining Chair
  • £750.00
GM-OLLA-03 Saba Ola Dining Chair with Arms
  • £990.00
GM-OLLA-04 Saba Ola Stool
  • £640.00
GM-ISABE-01 Saba Isabelle Stool
  • £710.00
GM-OLLA-01 Saba Ola Armchair
  • £980.00
GM-LIMES-02 Saba Limes Bed
  • £3880.00
GM-VOYA-01 Saba Voyage Sofa
  • £4840.00
GM-NEWY-31 Saba New York Air Bed
  • £3030.00
GM-REND-03 Saba Rendez-Vous Sofa with Side Table
  • £4560.00
GM-REND-01 Saba Rendez-Vous Small Curved Sofa
  • £3360.00
GM-REND-02 Saba Rendez-Vous Sofa
  • £3500.00
GM-PHILO-02 Saba Philo Sofa
  • £2280.00
GM-PHILO-01 Saba Philo Armchair
  • £1720.00
GM-GEOP-04 Saba Baby Geo Armchair
  • £1470.00
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