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Novamobili are an Italian brand with a beautiful range of contemporary furniture for almost every room in the home. They specialise in wardrobes, modular wall units and home offices, that can adapted to suit your space, all highly flexible, surprisingly good value, & available in a dazzling array of colours & finishes. 

They have an innovative approach to design and have some exciting and unique products such as the Novamobili Curved Wardrobe which has rounded ends, as well as the Break Open Walk In Wardrobe in which the supports are hidden for a beautifully clean, uncluttered look. Their bedroom furniture, sideboards, & tables are equally popular. 

Go Modern are Novamobili experts, & one of their largest UK dealers. We were one of the first companies in the UK to work with them, & we understand the collection well. We have installed a number of Novamobili compositions in apartment buildings & offer a complete CAD design service for both our trade & our private customers. 

For more details, international enquiries, trade enquiries, or anything else please feel free to Contact Us via email or phone us on 020 7731 9540, or visit our London showroom. 

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-ISOL-02 Isola Home Office Desk With Bookcase
  • £1450.00
GM-BOXX-01 Novamobili Box 18 Sideboard
  • £2590.00
GM-BOXX-02 Novamobili Box 18 Large Sideboard
  • £3240.00
GM-BOXX-03 Novamobili Box 18 Wall & TV Unit
  • £1360.00
GM-BOXX-04 Novamobili Wall 30 Large Cabinet & TV Unit
  • £7000.00
GM-BOXX-05 Novamobili Box 18 Wall Panelled Display Cabinet & TV Unit
  • £11330.00
GM-TORI-03 Torii Marble Dining Table
  • £4200.00
GM-TORI-01 Torii Dining Table
  • £1920.00
GM-LAYE-04 Layer Smoked Glass Sliding Door Wardrobe
  • £2860.00
GM-OFFS-10 Offset Sliding Door Wardrobe With Glass Insert
  • £2810.00
GM-OFFS-11 Offset Sliding Door Wardrobe
  • £2550.00
GM-LAYE-01 Layer Sliding Door Wardrobe
  • £2960.00
GM-LAYE-03 Layer Reeded Glass Sliding Door Wardrobe
  • £3180.00
GM-PERR-02 Perry/Gola Bedroom Wardrobe
  • £1190.00
GM-NIDO-15 Novamobili Nido King Size Bed
  • £1620.00
GM-NINF-05 Novamobili Ninfea Dressing Table
  • £1510.00
GM-NINF-06 Novamobili Ninfea Writing Desk
  • £1120.00
GM-CUBE-05 Novamobili Cube Tall Chest of Drawers
  • £1430.00
GM-CUBE-06 Novamobili Cube Chest of Drawers
  • £1420.00
GM-GIRO-11 Novamobili Giro Giro Chest of Drawers
  • £910.00
GM-GIRO-12 Novamobili Giro Giro Sideboard
  • £1570.00
GM-FLOA-05 Float Bedside Cabinet
  • £490.00
GM-FLOA-06 Float Chest of Drawers
  • £960.00
GM-FLOA-07 Float Tall Chest of Drawers
  • £780.00
GM-EASY-16 Novamobili Easy Clothes Rail with Chest of Drawers
  • £1440.00
GM-GIRO-10 Novamobili Giro Giro Bedside Cabinet
  • £270.00
GM-CUBE-07 Novamobili Cube Bedside Cabinet
  • £580.00
GM-CUBE-08 Novamobili Cube Tray Bench
  • £360.00
GM-CUBE-09 Novamobili Cube Bench With Drawers
  • £790.00
GM-CUBE-10 Novamobili Cube Bench With Seats
  • £470.00
GM-EASY-15 Novamobili Easy Clothes Rail and Drawers
  • £1660.00
GM-WALL-12 Twelve Bookcase
  • £1210.00
GM-SEVE-03 Seven Square Coffee Table
  • £370.00
GM-FLOA-01 Float Tall Sideboard
  • £1440.00
GM-FLOA-02 Float Sideboard
  • £1110.00
GM-KURI-01 Kuri Sideboard
  • £2070.00
GM-KURI-02 Kuri Low Sideboard
  • £1830.00
GM-FILO-02 Filo Dining Table
  • £1340.00
GM-SUNN-01 Sunny Round Dining Table
  • £1390.00
GM-CLIF-02 Cliff Coffee Table
  • £730.00
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