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Mogg Fendo Mirror - Now Discontinued


The Fendo wall mirror is designed by Ctrlzak for Mogg's 2016 collection and is a stunningly unusual wall mirror with a serious message.

Modern extinction rates of vertebrates have increased drastically in the last 500 years and the main cause for this is none other than man himself, directly or indirectly.

Fendo is based on two mammals that could still be found in large numbers in Africa a few centuries ago but were hunted to extinction by humans: the Bluebuck (Hippotragus Leucophaeus) and the Bubal hartebeest (Alcelaphus buselaphus buselaphus).

The mirror takes the form of two sculptural objects that replicate the shape of the animals≠ heads & characteristic horns, while a mirror is placed where the animal≠s face would originally be, reflecting the faces of the people looking into it.

Humans complete the work with their own faces "creating" a new creature which is at the same time the hunter and the hunted. Fendo are hybrid objects that reflect our past and give a glimpse to our future.

The frame and horns are made from resin which can be selected in either black or white, an optional stand allows for the mirror to be free-standing rather than wall-mounted.

Italian company Mogg are a newcomer to the world of designer furniture & accessories, & are already making a splash, having been featured in Italian Elle Decor, & Iterni magazine amongst others.

With a fun, interesting & yet rather practical collection Mogg have everything from umbrella holders to a fabulous 4 poster bed. To see the Mogg range click here otherwise click for all of our contemporary mirrors click here.

For further information please Contact Us via email, phone us on 020 7731 9540 or visit our London showroom.

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Colours & Finishes

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Fendo 1- W30cm x D32cm x H113cm

Fendo 2- W40cm x D32cm x H86cm

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