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Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

At Go Modern we think of the garden as an extra and equally stylish room of the house, which is why ourgarden furniture section has the latest in contemporary outdoor design, including garden sofas, chairs, garden tables and sun loungers. Much of our outdoor designs are so beautiful they genuinely 'take the indoors out', with all the look and feel of luxury indoor furniture.

Our wide range of garden furniture is available in many different materials including teak, aluminium, high-quality synthetic rattan, along with all-weather high-tech materials which are designed to last a lifetime.

Don't forget to also browse our range of attractive garden accessories including parasols, garden fires, outdoor rugs and garden lighting.

Go Modern's garden furniture is designed and manufactured in Europe by world-renowned specialists in outdoor design. Some of our most popular and highly respected brands include Manutti, Tribu, Fast Spa, Smania and Calma, as well as stylish and robust garden parasols from specialists Symo/Sywawa.

We are passionate about garden furniture ranges and believe we offer one of the best collections in the UK.

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-ARC-11 Emu Arc en Ciel Garden Chair
  • £81.00
GM-AQUA-01 Bontempi Aqua Dining Chair
  • £95.00
GM-ROND-02 Emu Ronda Garden Chair
  • £99.00
GM-SCATT-01 Tribu Scatter Cushions
  • £100.00
GM-GALAX-03 Bontempi Galaxy Bar Stool
  • £140.00
GM-CONE-05 Emu Cone Garden Table Lamp
  • £140.00
GM-BRID-04 Emu Bridge Garden Chair
  • £140.00
GM-EVA-01 Bontempi Eva Dining Chair
  • £140.00
GM-SHARK-02 Bontempi Shark Dining Chair
  • £140.00
GM-THOR-03 Emu Thor Garden Dining Chair
  • £145.00
GM-BRID-05 Emu Bridge Garden Armchair
  • £150.00
GM-STAR-07 Emu Star Garden Dining Chair
  • £155.00
GM-MODI-04 Bontempi Mood Garden Chair
  • £165.00
GM-STAR-01 Emu Star Garden Dining Chair With Arms
  • £170.00
GM-ARC-12 Emu Arc en Ciel Folding Bistro Table
  • £175.00
GM-DARW-01 Emu Darwin Garden Chair
  • £176.00
GM-PLIS-01 PlisPlas Garden Chair
  • £180.00
GM-ROUN-11 Emu Round Garden Armchair
  • £190.00
GM-SNOO-02 Emu Snooze Director's Chair
  • £195.00
GM-THOR-04 Emu Thor Garden Bar Stool
  • £200.00
GM-EVA-03 Bontempi Eva Bar Stool
  • £200.00
GM-NETB-02 Bontempi Net Dining Chair
  • £200.00
GM-ATHE-04 Emu Athena Garden Dining Chair
  • £210.00
GM-BRID-03 Emu Bridge Garden Bar Stool
  • £210.00
GM-MARR-012 Smania Marrakesh Protective Cover
  • £210.00
GM-SNOO-01 Emu Snooze Deck Chair
  • £222.00
GM-DARW-02 Emu Darwin Garden Bar Stool
  • £230.00
GM-EASY-01 Easy Garden Chair
  • £230.00
GM-ROND-03 Emu Ronda Garden Bar Stool
  • £235.00
GM-RION-01 Rion Garden Chair
  • £240.00
GM-FREA-06 Bontempi Freak Garden Chair
  • £240.00
GM-CIRCUS-01 Circus Garden Coffee Table
  • £240.00
GM-RION-02 Rion Contemporary Garden Armchair
  • £250.00
GM-VETT-01 Emu Vetta Deck Chair
  • £254.00
GM-LYZE-03 Emu Lyze Garden Chair
  • £261.00
GM-SACC-02 Zanotta Sacco Outdoor Bean Bag
  • £265.00
GM-NETB-01 Bontempi Net Bar Stool
  • £275.00
GM-ROUN-12 Emu Round Garden Bar Stool
  • £277.00
GM-EASY-02 Easy Garden Armchair
  • £280.00
GM-INES-01 Bontempi Ines Dining Chair
  • £280.00
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