565 Kings Rd, London, SW6 2EB
Sale Now On! 15% off all orders over £1,000 (excluding delivery). Code homework
Sale Now On! 15% off all orders over £1,000 (excluding delivery). Code homework

Modern Art

Our selection of modern art is presented in partnership with TAG Fine Arts and features some of their most successful artists. 

We are currently showcasing a selection of beautiful modern art and sculpture from eight artists, and many pieces are displayed in our Kings Road showroom.  Our light and open walls make a perfect gallery space and these pieces are carefully chosen to complement our contemporary furniture collections. 

The modern art we have on display includes artist Rebecca Coles' 'Butterflies' created using postage stamps and entomological pins.  Also on show is work from Frank Fischer with a painting created by pouring gloss paint onto steel stretchers.  Frank is also a recent winner of the Jerwood Painting Prize.

All of the artists are established names in the art world, many exhibiting in galleries around the world.  You'll find a brief biography of each of them attached to their particular page. Many artists will also work on personalised commissions of a piece to satisfy a particular size requirement or perhaps a personal detail. 

For more information on our contemporary art and the artists featured please contact us on 020 7731 9540 or email us at sales@gomodern.co.uk.

Look out for our regularly changing showroom display or check out the collection online. 

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-BULL-01 Bullfinch, Great Tit and Roses, 2013 by Robin Duttson
  • £1250.00
GM-SMIL-01 Acid Smiley, 2016 by Ryan Callanan
  • £3500.00
GM-TRAN-01 Tranquilizer by Allan Forsyth
  • £4200.00
GM-GOLD-10 Gold Blossom On Red, 2014 by Robin Duttson
  • £1700.00
GM-TEMP-02 Temple 1 by Simon Schofield
  • £1800.00
GM-WHIT-01 The Whittington Map by Justine Smith
  • £2500.00
GM-ASSE-01 Asset Stripper by Vincent Poole
  • £3540.00
GM-BALL-02 Balloon by Dede Johnston
  • £2250.00
GM-OUZO-01 Ouzoud by Julio Brujis
  • £2800.00
GM-SUN-01 Sun Smitten Grass by Tessa Shaw
  • £5500.00