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Sofa Beds

Sofa Beds

Our collection of modern sofa beds are all made in Italy to exceptionally high standards. They are cleverly designed to disguise the fact that they are indeed a sofabed and beautiful and comfortable enough to take centre-stage in your living room.

Our most popular brands include Bonaldo, Vibieffe, Saba Italia and Jesse Furniture. We also have hard to find modular and corner sofa beds. Our sofa beds from Vibieffe have matching sofas and armchairs too.

There is a enormous selection of fabric and leather to choose from and in most cases fabric covers are even removable - perfect for cleaning! It is also possible to use your own fabric on most or we can supply fabrics from Romo, Kirkby, Villanova and Missoni Home.

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SKU Product name   Price    
GM-BANY-01 Bonaldo Bandy Sofa Bed
  • £2490.00
GM-BEDB-01 Saba Bed and Breakfast Sofa Bed
  • £2900.00
GM-OPEN-30 Vibieffe Open Contemporary Sofa Bed
  • £2450.00
GM-BOOK-10 Vibieffe Book Sofa Bed
  • £2880.00
GM-GULP-01 Vibieffe Gulp Sofa Bed
  • £1880.00
GM-ALIC-01 Bonaldo Alice Sofa Bed
  • £3110.00
GM-AMIC-01 Bonaldo Amico Sofa Bed
  • £1605.00
GM-AURO-02 Bonaldo Aurora Sofa Bed
  • £1430.00
GM-BENN-01 Bonaldo Benny Armchair Bed
  • £1945.00
GM-GORD-01 Jesse Gordon Sofa Bed
  • £3660.00
GM-LCLUB-03 Jesse Le Club Sofa Bed
  • £4380.00
GM-LUIS-01 Jesse Luis Sofa Bed
  • £3390.00
GM-PAPI-02 Bonaldo Papillon XL Sofa Bed
  • £2330.00
GM-BELA-03 Vibieffe Bel Air Corner Sofa Bed With Storage
  • £5130.00
GM-TITI-05 Bonaldo Titi Sofa Bed
  • £1440.00
GM-HAPP-01 Vibieffe Happy Sofa Bed
  • £2910.00
GM-QUEE-01 Vibieffe Queen Sofa Bed
  • £3250.00
GM-PRINC-01 Vibieffe Prince Sofa Bed
  • £2960.00
GM-ARTH-01 Vibieffe Arthur Sofa Bed
  • £2950.00
GM-BELA-02 Vibieffe Bel Air Sofa Bed
  • £2860.00
GM-PAPI-01 Bonaldo Papillon Sofa Bed
  • £2210.00
GM-PIER-01 Bonaldo Pierrot Sofa Bed
  • £2150.00
GM-PIER-02 Bonaldo Pierrot King Sofa Bed
  • £2950.00
GM-SQUAD-03 Vibieffe Squadroletto Sofa Bed with Chaise
  • £4660.00
GM-SQUAD-01 Vibieffe Squadroletto Sofa Bed
  • £2700.00
GM-SQUAD-02 Vibieffe Squadroletto Corner Sofa Bed
  • £6280.00