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Display Cabinets

Display Cabinets

Modern display cabinets are having something of a moment, offering not only extra storage, but also an opportunity to have a real stand out piece of furniture in your living room. We have put together a collection of beautiful display cabinets from some of the very best European brands, including Lema, Porada, Bonaldo, Novamobili and many more.

Many of our display cabinets have matching living room furniture collections allowing you to coordinate your interior beautifully. We have so much more than we have been able to show here, so if you are looking for something specific please feel free to contact us on 020 7731 9540 and one of our team will be happy to help.

Our range of display cabinets contemporary furniture is always expanding so subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our latest designs.

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-GLAN-01 Lema Glance Display Cabinet
  • £6480.00
GM-GLAN-02 Lema Glance Sideboard
  • £6060.00
GM-JUNO-01 Miniforms Juno Glass Display Cabinet
  • £2660.00
GM-KRAM-01 Miniforms Kramer Glass Display Cabinet
  • £4600.00
GM-VETR-01 Mogg Vetrinetty Cupboard
  • £3660.00
GM-DAZI-04 Tonelli Dazibao Mirrored Wall Unit
  • £2840.00
GM-ATLT-06 Porada Atlante Glass Fronted Sideboard
  • £8620.00
GM-MEDO-01 Tonelli Medora Glass Display Cabinet
  • £1960.00
GM-PAND-02 Gallotti & Radice Pandora Light Sideboard
  • £4840.00
GM-GINZ-06 Grandola Bookcase/Cupboard
  • £2170.00
GM-GALE-01 Lema Galerist Display Cabinet
  • £8210.00
GM-KVAD-02 Porada Kvadro Bookcase
  • £10350.00
GM-KVAD-01 Porada Kvadro Display Cabinet
  • £6600.00
GM-DAZI-02 Tonelli Dazibao Walnut Wall Unit
  • £2550.00
GM-DENV-03 Alivar Denver Display Cabinet
  • £9720.00
GM-ATLT-02 Porada Atlante Display Cabinet
  • £4410.00
GM-DORO-01 Alivar Dorothea Bookcase/Display Cabinet
  • £6660.00
GM-CUBIC-01 Bonaldo Cubic Glass Cabinet
  • £1910.00
GM-DAZI-01 Tonelli Dazibao Glass Wall Unit
  • £2840.00
GM-SHIN-01 Tonelli Shine Glass Cabinet
  • £1920.00
GM-BROAD-01 Tonelli Broadway One Glass Cabinet
  • £2820.00
GM-BROAD-02 Tonelli Broadway Two Glass Cabinet
  • £2120.00