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Bespoke Wall Units

Our contemporary wall units section contains several collections of wall units from Italy in a huge choice of sizes, colours and finishes. Many are completely modular and can be set up in any way you choose, from something small and simple to an all encompassing entertainment unit. Most have matching ranges of contemporary living room furniture available too.

We have wall systems from Jesse, Novamobili, Battistella and Lema as well as several individual wall hung cupboards and bookcases. All of our wall units can incorporate home offices, which are also shown in our home office section.

We have a team of CAD designers who can help you choose the right range for your space and budget. They will design the right contemporary wall unit for your space and our expert fitters can install wall units throughout most of the UK, or you can use any competent kitchen fitter.

To discuss your requirements please feel free to contact us via email, phone us on 020 7731 9540 or visit our London showroom. Our range of wall units is always expanding too so subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our latest designs.

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-SELE-02 Lema Selecta 02 Wall Unit/TV Unit
  • £0.00
GM-OPEN-006 Jesse Open View Wall Unit & Home Office
  • £0.00
GM-OPEN-R33 Jesse Open Wall Unit R33
  • £0.00
GM-OPEN-R34 Jesse Open Wall Unit R34
  • £0.00
GM-OPEN-R39 Jesse Open Wall Unit R39
  • £0.00
GM-OPEN-R41 Jesse Open Wall Unit R41
  • £0.00
GM-OPEN-R43 Jesse Open Wall Unit R43
  • £0.00
GM-OPEN-R44 Jesse Open Wall Unit R44
  • £0.00
GM-OPEN-R45 Jesse Open Wall Unit R45
  • £0.00
GM-OPEN-R50 Jesse Open Wall Unit R50
  • £0.00
GM-OPEN-R51 Jesse Open Wall Unit R51
  • £0.00
GM-OPEN-R52 Jesse Open Wall Unit R52
  • £0.00
GM-OPEN-R54 Jesse Open Wall Unit R54
  • £0.00
GM-OPEN-R60 Jesse Open Wall Unit R60
  • £0.00
GM-OPEN-R61 Jesse Open Wall Unit R61
  • £0.00
GM-OPEN-R62 Jesse Open Wall Unit R62
  • £0.00
GM-OPEN-R64 Jesse Open Wall Unit R64
  • £0.00
GM-WALL-10 Jesse Wall Hung Cupboards
  • £390.00
GM-NEXT-02 Next Wall Unit
  • £1490.00
GM-REVE-05 Novamobili Reverse Wall Unit 05
  • £890.00
GM-CAB-05 Schoenbuch Cabin Fitted Cupboards
  • £1680.00
GM-WALL-07 Novamobili Wall Unit/Bookcase 07
  • £1280.00
GM-AVAN-209 Avante Wall Unit 209
  • £2120.00
GM-TMGD-03 Novamobili Wall Unit GD-178
  • £2450.00
GM-AVAN-201 Avante Wall Unit 201
  • £2510.00
GM-AVAN-218 Avante Wall Unit 218
  • £2840.00
GM-WALL-02 Novamobili Wall Unit/Bookcase 02
  • £1950.00
GM-OPEN-R56 Jesse Open Wall Unit R56
  • £2850.00
GM-WALL-06-clone-1 Novamobili Wall Unit / Bookcase
  • £2870.00
GM-OPEN-08 Jesse Open Wall Unit 08
  • £3080.00
GM-OPEN-10 Jesse Open Wall Unit 10
  • £3100.00
GM-OPEN-18 Jesse Open Wall Unit 18
  • £3110.00
GM-GINZ-05 Ginza TV Unit/Wall Unit 05
  • £3110.00
GM-WALL-06 Novamobili Wall Unit 06
  • £2330.00
GM-TMGD-01 Novamobili Wall Unit GD-151
  • £3220.00
GM-HOLDY-01 Jesse Holdy Wall Unit
  • £3230.00
GM-OPEN-07 Jesse Open Wall Unit 07
  • £3410.00
GM-GINZ-02 Ginza TV Unit/Wall Unit 02
  • £3410.00
GM-WORKH-01 Working From Home Office
  • £3490.00
GM-WORKH-01-clone-1 Working From Home Bookcase
  • £3490.00
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