Beautiful Rooms – be inspired by these incredible bedrooms

Beautiful Rooms

‘Beautiful Rooms’ is our chance to share some of the fabulous rooms and locations used by our suppliers to showcase their designs.

As we work mainly with Italian brands we find we’re frequently looking at some absolutely gorgeous locations and stunning rooms.

So to begin with we’re sharing this beautifully minimalist and calming bedroom with a style that’s fairly easy to emulate (bar the stunning view from the window of the Italian lakes)

Minimalist style

The white washed walls and minimalist white furniture could appear cold set against the dark, oak floors. But what makes this room stylish and warm rather than monochrome and stark is the beautiful, dusky pink Amlet upholstered bed from Bonaldo.  Dusky pink is a great colour for bedrooms and, as you can see, it beautifully softens the overall look of the room. We’re hoping there might just be a small terrace the other side of that French window.  The perfect place to sit with an early morning cuppa or a glass of something as the sun comes down.

Beautiful rooms + Stylish accessories

Accessories are also key here: note the wooden logs stacked below the modern open fireplace suggesting that, in cooler months, you could set a roaring fire and work your way through the amply stocked bookshelves.  There’s also the magnificent ceiling-high cactus (with no guessing how old that might be).  The cacti-green is beautifully echoed in the vase of greenery on the low bedside table.  The stylist has also used dusky pink linen sheets and a pretty pink and green floral bed cushion. And the deep pink and black table lamp is another great finishing touch; the gloss domed shade reflecting the pink from the bed and pulling it all together rather nicely.

Get the look:

Amlet bed in a cotton/linen fabric

To Be low chest of drawers and To Be low bedside cabinets both in matt white lacquer

So, there are three things we love about this next room.  The first being the architecturally stylish Novamobili wardrobe, Alfa, which fits perfectly under the sloping loft-room ceiling.  This kind of space under the eaves in houses is so often dead space, but not where the clever designers at Novamobili are concerned.  In fact there isn’t a sloping ceiling or space they haven’t got a wardrobe for.

The second stylish aspect of this room is the wardrobe on the left which is painted a wonderful matt lacquer ‘cascata’ (a deep moody blue/green). It might feel rather brave to opt for this colour, but loft rooms are usually flooded with natural light which can make them look a bit insipid.  The ceiling-to-floor window at the end of the room, plus the large skylight in the roof, will allow this abundance of light to pick out the rich pigments in the paint, bringing the colours and the room, to life.  The wardrobes are a hinged design and have been styled with the same matching round door knobs to unify the look.

In the centre of the room is the third distinguishing feature, an extremely comfy looking bed called Margot.  This has a generously padded headboard and frame that just invite you to climb right in. We also love the addition here of few pops of colour, with some brightly coloured bed cushions, and a fantastic emerald green throw.

Get the look:

Alfa fitted wardrobe in matt lacquered finishes

Margot bed

Bedroom poufs


Practical and stylish

Our third room just shouts style AND practicality.  The look is fairly utilitarian but it’s miles away from being personality-less as this can sometimes mean. We love everything about it from the putty coloured walls to the cool neon wall sign, and the ultra-useful storage system built-in around the bed.

This practical set-up is called the Easy System and it’s from Novamobili (the people behind the clever wardrobes above).  It’s got a great pared-back, relaxed look and it’s INCREDIBLY versatile.

Drawer units and bedside tables are all part of these innovative and unique bedroom sets.  You can also add wall panelling, as they have here, plus floor benches, clothes racks, mirrors, desks, and shelves. Everything can be customised and there are tons of different finishes if you’re not taken with these particular shades.

Novamobili Easy System
Novamobili Easy System

The panelling they’ve used for this styling is a matt lacquered fango (a deep grey) with chests of drawers in matt lacquered bianco (white) and  eco-wood rovere-brown ‘tray’ tops.

Get the look:

Easy System

So that’s it for the first of our ‘Beautiful Rooms’.  We hope you’ve been inspired. Feel free to contact us for more information about anything you like the look of.