Trend Watch: The Best Garden Furniture for Summer

Summer 2018 garden furniture

Summer is on its way!  It’s definitely time to think about garden furniture and enjoying the warmer, lighter days. Our contemporary garden furniture is hand-chosen by us and we work with the very best names in the business. These highly respected, family run companies have been making garden furniture for a long time.  As a result, their expert knowledge about everything from construction through to materials can’t be beaten.

Top names in garden furniture

Manuti and Tribù are based in Belgium, along with specialist parasol makers Sywawa.  Point and Calma hail from Spain. Smania from Italy. Between them we are confident they offer the very best designs on the market today.

How To Choose?

Outdoor furniture obviously needs to be incredibly robust and use the highest quality materials.  Cheap designs may seem like a bargain but they simply won’t last.  From experience we know they’ll look sad and worn before the season is out. So along with choosing a style you like, there are some important decisions to be made on what kind of material to choose.

The beauty of Teak

Teak is ideal for outdoor use.  It’s hard-wearing and natural.  Teak is a tropical hard-wood, sourced from managed plantations.  Alongside this it also contains lots of natural oils making it durable enough to remain outdoors all year round. And the added bonus with teak is that it weathers beautifully with age.

Manutti Torsa Dining table & Solid Chairs

So, top of our teak list are the wonderful new Solid chairs by Lionel Doyen for Manutti.  They are hand-carved teak in a natural or brushed nero finish. Complementing the chairs is the stunning Torsa table.  It’s got a sleek, hard-wearing ceramic table top and a smooth, curved teak base with adjustable feet. We love the natural look of this design.

Wonderfully Woven

Woven material is a very big trend this year.  Consequently lots of companies are including it in their summer collections. But again, it’s so important to choose only high quality material designs. You may want to know what is the best air compressor for painting furniture to make your house look newer, Technomono has the hacks.

Point Weave outdoor collection
Point Weave outdoor collection

The Weave garden range by Vicent MartÌnez is for Point, specialists in fibre woven-material.  Their contemporary outdoor designs are amongst some of the finest in the world. Weave is a beautiful new range that’s woven with 8mm polyester rope.  As well as being sunlight and weather resistant it’s also completely colour fast.

Likewise, take a look at the new CTR  range from Tribù designed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga. It’s incredibly stylish and offered in linen or wenge colours.  The woven design wraps neatly around the seat back.  Even more impressive than the look of the CTR range is its material.  That’s because it’s made from plaited Tricord (a polyolefin material).  This amazing material is completely weather and mould proof.

Tribu CTR Collection
Tribu CTR Collection
High-quality Synthetic Rattan – choose the best

Rattan was traditionally made from woven palm.  Beautiful as it looks, however, natural rattan is not particularly durable for outdoor furniture.  Therefore it’s now created from a synthetic material that has exactly the same look but is much, much more long-lasting. Because unlike it’s natural version, synthetic rattan will withstand the harshest of weather.  Style-wise it’s also come a long way from the ‘echos of the 70s’ look it can be associated with. Point have perfected the art and used it across some fabulous contemporary design.

The Indestructables – Ceramic

Are you looking for a totally ‘indestructable’ outdoor table? Then ceramic table tops are the place to start. We’re flagging up the incredible Tosca dining table from Tribù, designed by the talented Monica Armani.  What marks it out for its indestructible qualities?  Well it’s the ceramic table top.  Ceramic table tops are completely scratch-proof, stain-proof, UV, water and weather-proof. Perfect for those long lazy lunches alfresco with family and friends.

Tribu Tosca dining table
Tribu Tosca dining table
The science behind ceramic

To achieve this durability, ceramic is laminated onto glass, which is then water-jetted into an oval shape using CNC-milled (‘computer aided milling’). The subtle cloudy pattern created is perfect for outdoor use.  The stylish Tosca table seen here is offered in linen or piombo, the  colour seen above.

Marvellous Metal

Out metal garden furniture and outdoor accessories are made from incredibly strong but lightweight aluminium. This is then powder-coated for extra weather-proofing. Due to this process, it’s guaranteed to never rust, fade or rot. It’s also scratch resistant and requires very little maintenance.

Smania Ios Garden Planters
Smania Ios Garden Planters

The magnificent Smania Ios  garden planters, above, are part of their exclusive garden furniture collection.  The Ios are also available in impressive heights (three sizes: 50cm, 76cm and 120cm high). You can see from the image above that they create beautifully elegant statement pieces.  They may even outlast your plants!

To see all of our new garden furniture collections please click here.  Happy summer dreaming!