New Year – New Art

A new year and some fabulous new and contemporary art pieces adorn the walls of the Go Modern showroom.

We’ve displayed a few pieces before from the fabulous Allan Forsyth – his Pride and Glory – Roebuck Deer was much loved and had many compliments when it graced our Kings Road window.  Most of Forsyth’s work is a mixture of modern technology meets nature, strikingly dramatic and eerily real – photographic in style, with a magical glowing quality set against a black background.  Tranquilizer, another 3D  motion lenticular (a photographic printed image giving the illusion of depth and movement when viewed from different angles), is the latest piece on display; a beautiful, shimmering butterfly, that moves gracefully and almost translucently within the frame.

Tranquilizer - Allan Forsyth
Tranquilizer – Allan Forsyth

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