Mogg – blurring art & design – plus a special introductory offer

Italian design has always pushed the boundaries – across fashion, art, architecture… it whole-heartedly embraces the avant-garde.  Think of the theatricality of Versace, the revolutionary Renaissance architecture of 15th century Florence or the rebellious drama of Caravaggio.

So when we  found brand new Italian furniture and accessories company Mogg, a company representing the best of this Italian tradition, we were more than a little excited!  Mogg (MObilli = furniture & OGGetti = objects) was founded by architect Nicola Galbiati in 2012, and his company works with a range of award-winning designers – many established names in their own fields of art, architecture or furniture design – or as Galbiati puts it “partners of vision – crazy dreamers”.  Their idea is to “limit the boundaries between art and design” and the result – a collection of exciting new furniture and accessories that we think are not only stunning designs for the home, but true investment pieces for tomorrow.

And as an introduction to this amazing brand we’re offering a special 20% discount on ALL Mogg designs up until December 20th.  Just quote MGBG20 when ordering.

The Botero dining table is the sort of brilliant idea that leaves us puzzled as to why no one ever thought of it before (like all the best ideas)! Designed by Alessandro Masurzo, it includes an incredibly useful storage cupboard in the base. Two sizes and three finishes – including one with a beautiful Carrera white marble top.  Bellissimo!

Mogg Botero dining table
Mogg Botero dining table

The Ordinary Day (in the woodshed) sideboards by Raphael Charles, must have the most poetic title we’ve ever come across, and we’re so impressed with this design that there will be one on display in our showroom very soon!   This great sideboard, made from solid fir, looks just like a pallet stacked with freshly cut timber, but the clever illusion incorporates a very practical four-drawer sideboard, with a black lacquered interior.

Ordinary Day
Mogg Ordinary Day (in a woodshed) sideboards

Remember ‘Being John Malkovich’ (one of our favourite films!) ..?  Well the Rooms cabinet (there’s also a sideboard) was the filmic inspiration behind this stand-out design! Created by award-winning designer Diego Grandi it has 50s style door handles on the cupboards, four gorgeous RAL colours, and sits on an American solid ash wood base.  Yes! Yes! Yes! (and that’s our inspiration from another iconic American movie!).

Rooms Cabinet
Mogg Rooms Cabinet

Many more Mogg designs to choose from … but the magical Casetta in Canada four poster bed is a particular favourite…

Casseta in Canada four poster
Mogg Casseta in Canada four poster bed

Designed by Nathan Yong (named Most Promising Young Designer on the International Scene by Interni Magazine in 2011 and then going on to also bag himself a coveted Red Dot Award) the Casetta is made from solid Ash in pure white, with an open-pore finish so that you can still see the beautiful texture of the wood.  A simply beautiful, clean, and geometrically pleasing contemporary version of the original.

We know you’ll love this brand as much as we do.  So take advantage of our special introductory offer, and quote MGBG20 when ordering.  To see the full Mogg collection click here.


New design – from German cockerels to Italian graphics…

London is bursting at the seams with new art and design ideas: fashion, product technology, architecture and, of course, some of the best contemporary furniture around. Whenever the subject of art is discussed it always throws up those endless ‘but what is art?’ type questions.  We’re not sure how to answer that – we know good design when we see it but art is …whatever you want it to be isn’t it?

From our showroom on the Kings Road, we’re about four miles from Trafalgar Square, and recent visitors will have seen the latest piece of art to sit on the Fourth Plinth.  It’s a gorgeous powder blue sculpture of a cockerel entitled Cock by Katharina Fritsch.  Fantastic (although we’re not sure what Nelson would have made of it!).  What do you think?  Love it, hate it, just not sure?

Blue Cockerel Trafalgar Square
Blue Cockerel Trafalgar Square

Amongst some of the other most creative design we’ve seen recently at Go Modern is from the team at Novamobili who’ve come up with a solution to that perennial problem of space, or rather lack of it.  And if the topic of ‘wall units’ normally induces a trance like state in you -think again! Wave is their fantastic new wall unit structure, with a look that is based on Italian graphics!   It combines curves and straight lines, horizontals and verticals, cabinet doors that open upwards or downwards – endless possibilities that make this an incredibly creative but eminently practical piece of furniture.

Novamobili Wave Wall Unit 218
Novamobili Wave Wall Unit 218

You can choose as many shelves, cupboards, sizes, heights, lengths as you want to suit the space you have.

Novamobili Wave Wall Unit 219
Novamobili Wave Wall Unit 219

So if it’s space you’re short of and you have an eye for something a little different, ultra cool and very clever, Wave definitely deserves your attention.

Or how about Next, from Portuguese manufacturer Brittos, a collection of wall hung cupboards and open units that can make up a structure as large or as small as you want it to be.

Brittos Next Wall Unit
Brittos Next Wall Unit

Very clever. Very creative.  We’re just wondering if Boris might accept something from us next time the Fourth Plinth has a space…