Working from home…on the up & up

This week we thought we’d take a look at the cultural phenomenon known as ‘working from home’. And our ulterior motive?  Well, contemporary furniture of course – we have some amazing, brand new home-office furniture that we can’t wait to share with you! Like this new desk from Tema, with a handy cupboard on the side as well as a drawer.

Metro Home Office Desk
Metro Home Office Desk

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Outdoor Rooms – Homes & Gardens

The August issue of Homes & Garden’s (out now) is a special treat this month.  A whole section on ‘Outdoor Rooms’ with lots of superb styling tips from Kate French and Ali Brown.  They talked about multi-functional furniture and upholstered sofas, all designed for outdoor use but looking good enough to house inside.  Sofas layered with colourful cushions, made from all weather fabrics, and woven stools that can double as tables.

And across a double page spread (pgs 70/71)was our very own Manutti Flow sofa in pebble…

H&G jpg double page spread - blog

Doesn’t it look superb?!  Kate and Ali styled the shot using brightly coloured textured cushions, and placed the sofa in front of a terracotta fire pit, surrounding it with red textured stools.  Stunning! Continue reading “Outdoor Rooms – Homes & Gardens”

Bonaldo Big Table strikes again!

We’ve always been very press friendly at Go Modern.  Our showroom isn’t huge but we have a number of stand-out pieces from our top manufacturers, along with fabric samples, wood, glass, lacquers and weaves if it’s garden furniture.   So, when the team at House & Garden asked if they could borrow our Big Table from Bonaldo for a shoot we were happy to oblige.  The Big Table by ultra talented designer Alain Gilles is a favourite, so we’re always ready to do a little showing off with it!  This one is in canaletto walnut with striking coral red, orange, green and lilac lacquered metal legs – a real show-stopper.  And the talented styling team at House & Garden included it in their great July feature ‘Block works’, using abstract prints and primary colours , mixing mid-century design with contemporary.  It looks terrific – what do you think?

Bonaldo Big Table
House & Garden Bonaldo Big Table

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Mr Penrose and his Alpacas!

We sell incredible beds here at Go Modern … in fact incredible everything really.  And last week we came across some more incredible designs that would go very nicely with our incredible beds!

Penrose Products  is a family run business that hand-makes luxury bedding using British alpaca fibre (alpacas look a bit like sheep with long necks in case you’re wondering, and the funkier, rarer ones even have what appear to be dreadlocks!).  It’s all sustainably sourced and very, very comfortable.  Mr Penrose describes alpaca wool as the ‘fibre of the gods’ for its extraordinary qualities.  It’s softer than cashmere while at the same time allowing you to keep a perfect body heat, all year round (even on sultry nights like we’re having now). It’s also breathable, absorbs moisture, deters dust mites, chemical free, non allergenic and totally eco-friendly.  What’s not to like?  And having tried their gorgeous pillows for ourselves we can honestly say WOW! they really do provide a superb night’s sleep!  They feel quite weighty but as soon as your head touches base … you’re away!  Definitely no more counting sheep (or alpacas in this case!). Continue reading “Mr Penrose and his Alpacas!”