Grand Designs Live and our Modulo sideboard!

We popped along to the Grand Designs Live exhibition at the weekend, as top interiors stylist Lizzie Chambers had borrowed our Modulo sideboard (the white matt lacquer with the oak top) to use in one of her interiors sets. It was a very buzzy show with some interesting exhibitors but the interiors sets were the highlight for us. Lizzie had gone for a white, turquoise and beige colour palette in the dining room piece, creating a calming effect, using muted background tones and colourful highlights in pattern and some of the smaller details.  She’d also mixed contemporary furnishings (our sideboard!) with vintage pieces creating a relaxed feel. Superb.

Modulo Sideboard, Grand Designs Live
Modulo Sideboard at Grand Designs Live Exhibition

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When is Italian furniture not Italian?

Did you know that many of the collections of contemporary furniture that are ‘Made in Italy’ by Italian brands are not even made in Italy? Without naming names one of the biggest manufacturers of Italian sofas actually make a lot of their sofas in China. And another huge contemporary furniture brand have furniture made in China, & parts made in Romania & Bulgaria. We don’t sell any of these ‘Faux Italian’ brands, & probably never will but it’s certainly food for thought.

There is a ‘100% Made in Italy’ certification, but it’s not widely used in furniture yet. At the moment the only way you can tell is price. Theres no such thing is inexpensive Italian furniture, just like theres no such thing as a free lunch!

The Manutti Zendo collection – still stunning

Belgian manufacturer Manutti recently released several new designs for 2013, which we loved (& duly blogged about), but their most popular is still the ground breaking Zendo range, which we introduced to London at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2010. With ultra modern, clean lines & anodised aluminium bases Zendo was a revolutionary new syle of contemporary garden furniture – it looked like it belonged indoors yet was fully waterproof & weatherproof! The collection includes seating & a sunlounger & although, like all of Manutti’s outdoor furniture it’s not cheap it’s been our most popular ever collection.

Manutti Zendo Armchair
Manutti Zendo Armchair

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