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15% off orders over £1,000 (selected brands only, excl delivery). Code homework
Bedside Cabinets

Bedside Cabinets

If you're looking for high quality European contemporary bedside cabinets then you have come to the right place. We have a fantastic collection of bedside cabinets and bedside tables in a huge choice matt and gloss lacquer, or wood.

Many are modular - so you can choose from different widths, and have them with anything from one to four drawers. Most of them come with matching chests of drawers, including wardrobes and beds. Some of our most popular brands are Lema, Porada, Bonaldo, Novamobili and Alivar.

For help finding the bedside cabinets and chests of drawers for you please feel free to Contact Us via email, phone us on 020 7731 9540 or visit our London showroom. We also have an extensive collection of bedside cabinets and chests of drawers in wood.

We are always finding new and exciting pieces, so feel free to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our latest designs.

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GM-OSCA-02 Zanotta Oscar Bedside Table
  • £1120.00
GM-TASC-02 Zanotta Taschino Bedside Table
  • £980.00
GM-SONJ-03 Porada Sonja Bedside Table
  • £1780.00
GM-BAYU-05 Porada Bayus 5 Shelf Unit
  • £1150.00
GM-FLOA-05 Float Bedside Cabinet
  • £490.00
GM-CUBE-08 Novamobili Cube Tray Bench
  • £360.00
GM-GIRO-10 Novamobili Giro Giro Bedside Cabinet
  • £270.00
GM-CUBE-07 Novamobili Cube Bedside Cabinet
  • £430.00
GM-CUBE-09 Novamobili Cube Bench With Drawers
  • £790.00
GM-ICON-03 Jesse Icon Bedside Cabinet
  • £440.00
GM-PLUME-01 Jesse Plume Bedside Cabinet
  • £450.00
GM-TIP-03 Lema Tip Small Bedside Cabinet
  • £740.00
GM-TIP-04 Lema Tip Bedside Cabinet
  • £820.00
GM-TOP-01 Lema Top Bedside Cabinet
  • £1250.00
GM-WAI-01 Bonaldo Wai Bedside Cabinet
  • £970.00
GM-GALL-01 Bonaldo Gala Bedside Cabinet
  • £1080.00
GM-BAYU-02 Porada Bayus Night Table
  • £3610.00
GM-QUAR-06 Lema Quarantacinque Bedside Cabinet
  • £570.00
GM-BAYU-03 Porada Bayus Bedside Cabinet
  • £1970.00
GM-DPI-01 Mogg DPI Wall Unit
  • £500.00
GM-COSM-06 Schoenbuch Cosmo Bedside Cabinet
  • £920.00
GM-NORM-02 Novamobili Norman Bedside Cabinet
  • £650.00
GM-PITA-01 Novamobili Pitagoria Bedside Cabinet
  • £320.00
GM-TOBE-04 Bonaldo To Be Low Bedside Cabinet
  • £690.00
GM-RIGA-03 Porada Riga Bedside Cabinet
  • £3160.00
GM-ZIGG-09 Porada Ziggy Glass Bedside Table
  • £1520.00
GM-STRA-02 Jesse Strand Bedside Cabinet
  • £640.00
GM-LIBE-06 Tonelli Liber Tall Bedside Cabinet
  • £830.00
GM-AURA-04 Porada Aura Bedside Cabinet
  • £2420.00
GM-BILO-01 Porada Bilot Bedside Table
  • £1700.00
GM-QUAR-03 Novamobili Quaranta Bedside Cabinet
  • £620.00
GM-GIOT-03 Novamobili Giotto Bedside Cabinet
  • £750.00
GM-SHADE-01 Jesse Shade Bedside Cabinet
  • £370.00
GM-QUEEN-01 Porada Queen Bedside Table
  • £1990.00
GM-ORIG-01 Orig Bedside Table
  • £220.00
GM-OSLO-03 Oslo Bedside Cabinet
  • £250.00
GM-PRAG-02 Praga Bedside Cabinet
  • £310.00
GM-BABY-01 Porada Baby Bedside Table
  • £750.00
GM-LOND-03 Londra Bedside Cabinet
  • £310.00
GM-REGT-02 Porada Regent Bedside Table
  • £2410.00
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