565 Kings Rd, London, SW6 2EB

Italian brand Ozzio Design specialise in space saving furniture.  They are innovators in multi purpose furniture, reacting to the style and needs of modern living.  

Ozzio have a fantastic collection of 'Transformobil' tables, which change from coffee/console tables to dining tables, using sophisticated mechanisms with hydraulic lifting systems.  Not to mention the brilliantly designed Smart Living, which is an all-in-one TV and wall unit, which contains a fold away dining table and chairs for six to eight people!

Ozzio also specialise in space saving dining chairs, which can be folded up when you are not using them and have a carefully edited collection of bookcases, dining chairs, bar stools and even bio ethanol fires to complement their contemporary furniture.

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-BIGR-01 Ozzio Big Round Extending Dining Table
  • £4555.00
GM-BRERA-02 Ozzio Brera Sideboard
  • £3020.00
GM-TRIX-02 Ozzio Trixy Mirror
  • £1580.00
GM-BRERA-01 Ozzio Brera Tall Sideboard
  • £2880.00
GM-FBYF-02 Ozzio 4x4 Dining Table
  • £2985.00
GM-ICARO-01 Ozzio Icaro Transformable Table
  • £1830.00
GM-LIQU-01 Ozzio Liquid Round Dining Table
  • £2720.00
GM-LIQU-02 Ozzio Liquid Dining Table
  • £2760.00
GM-SOHO-01 Ozzio Soho Mirror
  • £430.00
GM-THOR-01 Ozzio Thor Extending Dining Table
  • £5300.00
GM-THOR-02 Ozzio Thor Dining Table
  • £4130.00
GM-BOX-01 Ozzio Box Transformable Table in Glass
  • £2120.00
GM-BELLA-01 Ozzio Bellagio Multi-Functional Table
  • £1390.00
GM-MAKU-01 Ozzio Markus Multi-Functional Table
  • £2030.00
GM-METR-01 Ozzio Metrino Multi-Functional Table
  • £1930.00
GM-MOND-01 Ozzio Mondial Transformable Table
  • £1250.00
GM-MOND-02 Ozzio Mondial Transformable Table in Wood
  • £1050.00
GM-PLAN-01 Ozzio Planet Transformable Table
  • £1840.00
GM-SYDY-01 Ozzio Sydney Transformable Table
  • £990.00
GM-A4-01 Ozzio A4 Console/ Dining table.
  • £2725.00
GM-ALIZ-01 Ozzio Alizee Sideboard
  • £2800.00
GM-BOMB-01 Ozzio Bombo Glass Dining Table
  • £1690.00
GM-BOMB-02 Ozzio Bombo Extending Dining Table
  • £2760.00
GM-BYBL-01 Ozzio Byblos Bookcase
  • £1960.00
GM-GLAS-01 Ozzio Glass Console/Dining Table
  • £3620.00
GM-GOLI-01 Ozzio Golia Console/Dining Table
  • £2990.00
GM-METR-02 Ozzio Metro Extending Dining Table
  • £3090.00
GM-RIPI-01 Ozzio Ripiego Folding Dining Chair
  • £290.00
GM-VOLA-01 Ozzio Voila Console/Dining Table
  • £1510.00
GM-BOX-03 Ozzio Box Transformable Table In Stone
  • £2660.00
GM-BOX-02 Ozzio Box Transformable Table
  • £2140.00
GM-ECLP-01 Ozzio Eclipse Round Extending Dining Table
  • £2210.00
GM-ECLP-02 Ozzio Eclipse Extending Dining Table in Wood
  • £2510.00
GM-FBYF-01 Ozzio 4x4 Extending Dining Table
  • £4100.00
GM-NEWO-01 Ozzio Newood Transformable Table
  • £2750.00
GM-OPRA-01 Ozzio Opera Extending Dining Table
  • £1620.00
GM-UNO-01 Ozzio Uno Rotating TV Stand
  • £3150.00