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Nani Marquina launched her eponymous rug company in 1987, a time in which contemporary rugs were non-existent in Spain. Nani’s aim was the design and creation of modern rugs (including outdoor rugs) using highly-skilled traditional artisan techniques. 

Over thirty years later, this multi-award winning company is celebrated around the world as one of our top rug designers. Along with a talented in-house design team, Nani also collaborates with leading names in the design world to create her brand’s striking designs, investment pieces that will last for generations. 

All Nani Marquina rugs bear the Care & Fair logo, which guarantees they were produced without child labour. Every member sets aside 1% of the value of its rug imports to fund Care & Fair schools, training projects, hospitals, and health programs. 

We can deliver Nani Marquina rugs anywhere in the UK, or Internationally (our experienced logistics team have been delivering large items of fragile furniture to hundreds of countries for 14 years). We can offer both courier & white glove delivery in the UK, & also welcome trade customers.

We can also offer custom sizes, as well as custom colours on many of these rugs, & over 80% of the collection (standard sizes & colours) is available for delivery within 1-2 weeks.

For more details, international enquiries, trade enquiries, or anything else please feel free to Contact Us via email or phone us on 020 7731 9540, or visit our London showroom. 

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-COLOS-02 Nani Marquina Colors + Flora Bloom Rug
  • £2540.00
GM-SILH-02 Nani Marquina Silhouette Rug
  • £930.00
GM-TELAR-01 Nani Marquina Telares Rug
  • £1680.00
GM-COLOS-01 Nani Marquina Colors Rug
  • £1380.00
GM-FLORAB-01 Nani Marquina Flora Backyard Rug
  • £2960.00
GM-FLORAP-01 Nani Marquina Flora Promenade Rug
  • £2560.00
GM-FLORBL-01 Nani Marquina Flora Bloom Rug
  • £1440.00
GM-AFRI-02 Nani Marquina African Pattern 2 Rug
  • £2180.00
GM-AFRI-03 Nani Marquina African Pattern 3 Rug
  • £2180.00
GM-SILH-01 Nani Marquina Silhouette Outdoor Rug
  • £2230.00
GM-OAXA-01 Nani Marquina Oaxaca Outdoor Rug
  • £1340.00
GM-SHAD-10 Nani Marquina Shade Outdoor Rug
  • £1210.00
GM-TRES-10 Nani Marquina Tres Outdoor Rug
  • £1160.00
GM-TRES-11 Nani Marquina Tres Textura Outdoor Rug
  • £1160.00
GM-AFRI-01 Nani Marquina African Pattern 1 Rug
  • £2180.00
GM-HAYO-01 Nani Marquina Hayon x Nani Rug
  • £1200.00
GM-HAYO-02 Nani Marquina Hayon x Nani Square Rug
  • £980.00
GM-COLL-01 Nani Marquina Collage Rug
  • £2620.00
GM-MANO-01 Nani Marquina Mano Rug
  • £4480.00
GM-GRAV-01 Nani Marquina Gravitacion 1 Rug
  • £7430.00
GM-GRAV-02 Nani Marquina Gravitacion 2 Rug
  • £8750.00
GM-MANO-02 Nani Marquina Manos Rug
  • £4000.00
GM-DIGI-01 Nani Marquina Digit 1 Rug
  • £3160.00
GM-DIGI-02 Nani Marquina Digit 2 Rug
  • £3160.00
GM-AROS-01 Nani Marquina Aros Round Rug
  • £280.00
GM-DOLO-01 Nani Marquina Do-Lo-Rez Rug
  • £2400.00
GM-GHOS-01 Nani Marquina Ghost Rug
  • £9800.00
GM-LITT-04 Nani Marquina Little Field of Flowers Rug
  • £1040.00
GM-LUNA-06 Nani Marquina Luna Rug
  • £1800.00
GM-MEDI-01 Nani Marquina Medina Rug
  • £1590.00
GM-NEWS-01 Nani Marquina News Round Rug
  • £730.00
GM-RABA-01 Nani Marquina Rabari 1 Rug
  • £3650.00
GM-RABA-02 Nani Marquina Rabari 2 Rug
  • £3650.00
GM-RABA-03 Nani Marquina Rabari 3 Rug
  • £3650.00
GM-RANG-01 Nani Marquina Rangoli Round Rug
  • £630.00
GM-ROSE-03 Nani Marquina Roses Rug
  • £2360.00
GM-VELV-02 Nani Marquina Velvet Rug
  • £1280.00
GM-VICT-01 Nani Marquina Victoria Rug
  • £2700.00
GM-KALA-01 Nani Marquina Kala Rug
  • £1360.00
GM-KALA-02 Nani Marquina Kala Round Rug
  • £620.00
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