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Nani Marquina Limbo Rug


Nani Marquina has been recognised all over the world for her huge impact on modern rug design, as well as her use of traditional methods that build these stunning contemporary wool rugs.

Made from 100% pure New Zealand wool, the Limbo is said to be lucky as it is a cosmopolitan mandala, paying homage to a bar in New York that hosted Xano Armenter's paintings, named Limbo.

This rug has a rich density of 56,000 knots per meter squared, a wool pile height of 14mm, an overall height of 20mm and has been hand tufted for an exquisite finish.

Nani Marquina have a fantastic collection of hand made rugs, & their quality is exceptional. To see their full collection click here, or to see all of our contemporary rugs click here.

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100% New Zealand wool · Technique Hand tufted
Density 56,000 knots/m2

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250cm x 250cmool pile height 14 mm.
Total height 20 mm · eight 4.50 kg/m2
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