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Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs have slowly been creeping into the collections of both the main rug brands Nani Marquina, & Missoni Home, as well as int the garden furniture collections from Tribu, Manutti, & Point 1920. Fantastically practical, an outdoor rug can cover some paving you aren't happy with, or provide some extra softness under footr, or add a aplash of colour & pattern to a small balcony.

Our contemporary garden rugs are all made from various recycled materials, plastics generally, & are of course fade proof, easy to clean & designed to last. We have designer outdoor rugs by Jaime Hayon for Nani Marquina, bright stripes & chevrons patterns from Missoni Home, & underatated neutrals to complement our modern garden furniture. Many are also identical designs to an indoor rugs - the Tres & Shade outdoor rugs from Nani Marquina for example.

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-RIOH-01 Missoni Home Riohacha Rug
  • £620.00
GM-VALL-10 Missoni Home Vallenar Outdoor Rug
  • £620.00
GM-WAIP-01 Missoni Home Waipawa Outdoor Rug
  • £640.00
GM-TRES-10 Nani Marquina Tres Outdoor Rug
  • £1160.00
GM-TRES-11 Nani Marquina Tres Textura Outdoor Rug
  • £1160.00
GM-SHAD-10 Nani Marquina Shade Outdoor Rug
  • £1210.00
GM-OAXA-01 Nani Marquina Oaxaca Outdoor Rug
  • £1340.00
GM-LINE-11 Manutti Linear Outdoor Rug
  • £1485.00
GM-BICI-01 Nani Marquina Bicicleta Outdoor Rug
  • £1607.00
GM-CARP-02 Tribu Loft Outdoor Garden Rug
  • £2180.00
GM-SILH-01 Nani Marquina Silhouette Outdoor Rug
  • £2230.00
GM-TWIS-01 Manutti Twist Outdoor Rug
  • £2310.00
GM-SHIND-01 Tribu Shindi Outdoor Rug
  • £2570.00
GM-WATA-01 Missoni Home Watamu Outdoor Rug
  • £5985.00