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Garden Sofas

Garden Sofas

Our garden sofas are made by some of the very best names in outdoor furniture design.  These companies frequently work with award-winning designers and have a level of expertise that can not be beaten. The outdoor sofa is becoming increasingly popular as so many of us like to create 'outdoor rooms' emulating our indoor style.  Go Modern has an excellent selection in a vast choice of fabrics and finishes. You can also supply your own fabric (subject to suitability), or we can provide outdoor fabric from specialist fabric companies such as Romo or Missoni Home.

Our contemporary garden furniture is all sourced from Europe.  Most is completely weatherproof and designed to last forever, requiring virtually no maintenance. Our brands include Manutti, Tribu, Fast Spa, Smania, Point and Calma. We also have outdoor sofas from indoor brands Missoni Home and Saba Italia.

We are always adding new garden sofas and garden furniture, so please do subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our latest designs.

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-ATHE-05 Emu Athena Garden Sofa
  • £490.00
GM-YARD-07 Emu Yard Garden Sofa
  • £670.00
GM-OASI-01 Oasis Garden Bench
  • £780.00
GM-MALB-02 Manutti Malibu Garden Sofa
  • £1580.00
GM-MOON-05 Manutti Moon Island Garden Seating
  • £1620.00
GM-MIN-02 Min Garden Sofa
  • £1650.00
GM-MOOD-12 Tribu Mood Garden Sofa
  • £1740.00
GM-NEWY-20 Saba New York Garden Sofa
  • £1970.00
GM-CROS-03 Emu Cross Garden Sofa
  • £2140.00
GM-MARA-04 Smania Maratea Dormeuse
  • £2400.00
GM-TERR-11 Emu Terramare Garden Sofa
  • £2470.00
GM-NEWY-22 Saba New York Soleil Garden Sofa
  • £2500.00
GM-SAMO-01 Smania Samos Garden Sofa
  • £2590.00
GM-FIGI-02 Smania Figi 2 Seat Garden Sofa
  • £2760.00
GM-GRACE-02 Saba Grace Sofa
  • £2790.00
GM-MARA-02 Smania Maratea 2 Seat Garden Sofa
  • £2880.00
GM-ELIO-04 Tribu Elio Garden Sofa
  • £2890.00
GM-PLEC-02 Plecs Soft Garden Sofa
  • £3180.00
GM-NATL-01 Tribu Natal Alu Garden Sofa
  • £3295.00
GM-AMAL-02 Smania Amalfi Garden Sofa
  • £3550.00
GM-PURE-03 Tribu Pure Garden Sofa
  • £3660.00
GM-SANN-03 Manutti San Garden Sofa
  • £3790.00
GM-NEWY-29 Saba New York Soleil Garden Lounge Armchair
  • £3870.00
GM-DORM-01 Dorm Garden Sofa
  • £3890.00
GM-RADI-08 Manutti Radius Garden Sofa
  • £4040.00
GM-JOIN-07 Joint Contemporary Garden Sofa
  • £4100.00
GM-CONT-06 Tribu CTR Garden Sofa
  • £4230.00
GM-RIVE-02 Manutti River Garden Sofa
  • £4450.00
GM-TOSC-02 Tribu Tosca Garden Sofa
  • £4520.00
GM-SANN-04 Manutti San Double Seat Garden Sofa
  • £4675.00
GM-CASC-01 Manutti Cascade Garden Sofa
  • £4855.00
GM-FLEXX-02 Manutti Flex Garden Sofa
  • £4950.00
GM-RADI-09 Manutti Radius Large Garden Sofa
  • £5010.00
GM-ZEND-11 Manutti Zendo Garden Sofa
  • £5290.00
GM-PLEC-04 Plecs Relax Corner Garden Sofa
  • £6100.00
GM-CTR-01 Tribu CTR Garden Chaise Longue
  • £6110.00
GM-PURE-05 Tribu Pure Corner Garden Sofa
  • £6280.00
GM-NATL-02 Tribu Natal Alu Corner Garden Sofa
  • £6560.00
GM-ZEND-10 Manutti Zendo Large Garden Sofa
  • £6720.00
GM-KUMO-03 Manutti Kumo Garden Sofa
  • £7430.00
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