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Garden Parasols

Garden Parasols

Our garden parasols are sourced from some of Europe's most prestigious brands, such as Sywawa, Manutti, Tribu and Calma. Many of our parasols are also parts of wider garden furniture collections allowing you to coordinate your exterior perfectly.

All of our parasols are extremely high quality and are suitable for commercial use. They are designed to resist strong winds and provide shelter from both sun and rain. Our collection also includes accessories such as cordless heating and lighting.

If you are looking for contract parasols some of our range can also be custom printed with your logo. 

We are always adding fabulous new garden furniture and parasol collections, so please do subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our latest additions.

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-CUBE-02 Sywawa Cube Parasol Base/Seat
  • £240.00
GM-SHAD-01 Sywawa Shadylace Parasol
  • £250.00
GM-COUT-01 Sywawa Couture Garden Parasol
  • £300.00
GM-LUNA-01 Sywawa Luna Parasol Base
  • £370.00
GM-BLAH-01 Sywawa Blah Blah Garden Parasol Table
  • £430.00
GM-COUP-01 Sywawa Coupe Parasol Base
  • £440.00
GM-ROND-01 Sywawa Rondo Parasol Base
  • £570.00
GM-BLAH-02 Sywawa Blah Blah Table With Coupe
  • £660.00
GM-PARA-04 Manutti Square Garden Parasol
  • £780.00
GM-PADD-01 Sywawa Paddo Garden Parasol
  • £780.00
GM-TLE-01 Sywawa Tile Parasol Base
  • £640.00
GM-SHAD-02 Sywawa Shadylace XL Parasol
  • £1020.00
GM-GEISH-01 Sywawa Geisha Garden Parasol
  • £1260.00
GM-PARA-05 Manutti Large Round Garden Parasol
  • £1395.00
GM-PARA-01 Manutti Large Square Garden Parasol
  • £1485.00
GM-GULL-05 Sywawa Gulliver Garden Parasol
  • £1580.00
GM-UMBR-02 Tribu Eclipse Garden Parasol in Wood
  • £1590.00
GM-OM-01 Om Garden Parasol
  • £1630.00
GM-PARA-07 Manutti Teak Garden Parasol
  • £1850.00
GM-UMBR-01 Tribu Eclipse Garden Parasol
  • £1850.00
GM-TAHIT-01 Sywawa Tahiti Garden Parasol
  • £1990.00
GM-FROU-03 Sywawa Frou Frou Green Parasol
  • £2130.00
GM-FROU-02 Sywawa Frou Frou Black Parasol
  • £2130.00
GM-TWST-01 Sywawa Twister Garden Parasol
  • £2130.00
GM-FROU-01 Sywawa Frou Frou White Parasol
  • £2130.00
GM-BLOO-05 Sywawa Bloom Garden Parasol
  • £2520.00
GM-BREEZ-01 Sywawa Breezer Garden Parasol
  • £2780.00
GM-SOLI-02 Sywawa Solis Round Garden Parasol
  • £3510.00
GM-SHDP-01 Emu Shade Pro Parasol
  • £3590.00
GM-SOLLS-01 Sywawa Solis Garden Parasol
  • £3730.00