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Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting

Our garden lighting section has a small but growing range of contemporary outdoor lighting. We source our designs from some of the very best Italian, Spanish and Belgian brands such as Contardi Lighting, Smania, Manutti, Tribu, Point and Calma.

Designed to complement our collections of contemporary garden furniture, these beautiful outdoor lights are all exceptional quality. Many of them have matching or complementary garden furniture collections, allowing you to coordinate your garden beautifully.

We are always adding fabulous new garden furniture collections, so please subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our latest designs.

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-CALY-03 Contardi Calypso Outdoor Floor Lamp
  • £1160.00
GM-TRIC-01 Tribu Monsieur Tricot Garden Lights
  • £770.00
GM-FLAM-03 Manutti Flame Garden Candle Holder With Lumo LED Light
  • £530.00
GM-CONE-05 Emu Cone Garden Table Lamp
  • £100.00
GM-CALY-02 Contardi Calypso Outdoor Pendant Light
  • £1090.00
GM-CONE-02 Emu Cone Garden Floor Lamp
  • £2700.00
GM-CONE-03 Emu Cone Garden Pendant Light
  • £980.00
GM-CONE-04 Emu Cone Garden Light
  • £350.00
GM-CHIO-05 Smania Chios Garden Light
  • £1420.00
GM-LLUM-01 Llum Garden Light
  • £320.00
GM-FLAME-01 Manutti Flame Garden Candle Holder With Candle
  • £345.00
GM-LANT-01 Tribu Garden Lantern
  • £270.00
GM-TWIL-01 Manutti Twilight Garden Light
  • £2235.00
GM-MIS-01 Mist Garden Lights
  • £680.00
GM-MUSE-07 Contardi Muse Indoor/Outdoor Floor Lamp
  • £1270.00
GM-XXL-03 Contardi XXL 80 Outdoor Lamp
  • £1760.00
GM-FREE-04 Contardi Freedom Outdoor Lamp
  • £680.00
GM-MUSE-04 Contardi Muse Outdoor Pendant Light
  • £970.00
GM-MUSE-03 Contardi Muse Outdoor Lamp
  • £700.00
GM-MUSE-05 Contardi Muse Battery Powered Outdoor Lamp
  • £750.00
GM-COCO-20 Contardi Coco Outdoor Wall Light
  • £1010.00
GM-MARR-01 Smania Marrakesh Garden Light
  • £1780.00
GM-CASA-01 Smania Casablanca Garden Light
  • £1540.00
GM-MARR-012 Smania Marrakesh Protective Cover
  • £210.00