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Garden Chairs

Garden Chairs

Our collection of garden chairs is sourced from some of the best brands in Europe.  Many of these companies collaborate with well-known designers to create beautiful outdoor designs that are built to last. Most of our garden chairs can be paired with matching or complementary garden tables and in many cases there is a wider range of matching garden furniture available too.

Some of our most popular brands include Tribu, Bontempi, Manutti and Smania. We have listed our garden dining chairs and tables separately as in many cases there are several styles which can be used together. If you would like help to create a matching set please contact us or phone us on 020 7731 9540.

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-ARC-11 Emu Arc en Ciel Garden Chair
  • £81.00
GM-AQUA-01 Bontempi Aqua Dining Chair
  • £95.00
GM-ROND-02 Emu Ronda Garden Chair
  • £99.00
GM-GALAX-01 Bontempi Galaxy Dining Chair
  • £100.00
GM-GALAX-02 Bontempi Galaxy Dining Chair with Arms
  • £114.00
GM-GIPS-01 Bontempi Gipsy Dining Chair
  • £118.00
GM-NOVA-09 Emu Nova Garden Dining Chair
  • £124.00
GM-NOVA-08 Emu Nova Garden Dining Chair With Arms
  • £136.00
GM-BRID-04 Emu Bridge Garden Chair
  • £140.00
GM-EVA-01 Bontempi Eva Dining Chair
  • £140.00
GM-SHARK-02 Bontempi Shark Dining Chair
  • £140.00
GM-THOR-03 Emu Thor Garden Dining Chair
  • £145.00
GM-GIPS-02 Bontempi Gipsy Dining Chair With Arms
  • £150.00
GM-BRID-05 Emu Bridge Garden Armchair
  • £152.00
GM-STAR-07 Emu Star Garden Dining Chair
  • £155.00
GM-MODE-02 Emu Modern Garden Dining Chair
  • £164.00
GM-STAR-01 Emu Star Garden Dining Chair With Arms
  • £165.00
GM-MODI-04 Bontempi Mood Garden Chair
  • £165.00
GM-DARW-01 Emu Darwin Garden Chair
  • £176.00
GM-MODE-01 Emu Modern Garden Dining Chair With Arms
  • £180.00
GM-PLIS-01 PlisPlas Garden Chair
  • £180.00
GM-OLYM-01 Olympia Garden Chair
  • £190.00
GM-ROUN-11 Emu Round Garden Armchair
  • £190.00
GM-SNOO-02 Emu Snooze Director's Chair
  • £195.00
GM-NETB-02 Bontempi Net Dining Chair
  • £200.00
GM-ATHE-04 Emu Athena Garden Dining Chair
  • £210.00
GM-SNOO-01 Emu Snooze Deck Chair
  • £222.00
GM-REEF-03 Emu Reef Garden Dining Chair
  • £233.00
GM-RION-01 Rion Garden Chair
  • £240.00
GM-FREA-06 Bontempi Freak Garden Chair
  • £240.00
GM-EASY-01 Easy Garden Chair
  • £240.00
GM-RION-02 Rion Contemporary Garden Armchair
  • £250.00
GM-VETT-01 Emu Vetta Deck Chair
  • £254.00
GM-LYZE-03 Emu Lyze Garden Chair
  • £261.00
GM-EASY-02 Easy Garden Armchair
  • £280.00
GM-INES-01 Bontempi Ines Dining Chair
  • £280.00
GM-NIWA-01 Niwa Contemporary Garden Dining Chair
  • £290.00
GM-SELV-05 Selva Garden Chair
  • £310.00
GM-YARD-04 Emu Yard Garden Armchair
  • £315.00
GM-NETB-03 Bontempi Net Dining Chair with Arms
  • £330.00
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