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Garden Bar Stools and Bar Tables

Garden Bar Stools and Bar Tables

Many of our contemporary garden furniture brands also make stylish bar stools and bar tables to complement their garden dining furniture. Designed to last forever, all are suitable for domestic or contract use.

Our modern garden furniture is all sourced from Europe and most is completely weatherproof, requiring little maintenance. Specialist brands include Manutti, Tribu, Fast Spa, Point and Calma, plus a small selection from interiors brand Bontempi Casa.

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SKU Product name   Price    
GM-GALAX-03 Bontempi Galaxy Bar Stool
  • £140.00
GM-THOR-04 Emu Thor Garden Bar Stool
  • £200.00
GM-EVA-03 Bontempi Eva Bar Stool
  • £200.00
GM-BRID-03 Emu Bridge Garden Bar Stool
  • £210.00
GM-DARW-02 Emu Darwin Garden Bar Stool
  • £232.00
GM-ROND-03 Emu Ronda Garden Bar Stool
  • £235.00
GM-NETB-01 Bontempi Net Bar Stool
  • £275.00
GM-ROUN-12 Emu Round Garden Bar Stool
  • £277.00
GM-ELIC-02 Elisa Garden Bar Table
  • £350.00
GM-SHINE-05 Emu Shine Bar Stool
  • £440.00
GM-CRUX-02 Crux Garden Bar Table
  • £450.00
GM-SHINE-10 Emu Shine Garden Bar Table
  • £460.00
GM-SELV-07 Selva Garden Bar Stool
  • £480.00
GM-NIWA-03 Niwa Garden Bar Stool
  • £480.00
GM-EASY-06 Easy Garden Bar Stool
  • £490.00
GM-LATO-05 Manutti Latona Garden Bar Stool
  • £490.00
GM-HELI-03 Manutti Helios Garden Bar Stool NOW Called Latona
  • £490.00
GM-SOLI-08 Manutti Solid Garden Counter Stool
  • £620.00
GM-NEWY-26 Saba New York Soleil Garden Bar Stool
  • £710.00
GM-MOON-16 Bontempi Moon Garden Bar Table
  • £720.00
GM-KOS-21 Tribu Kos Teak Garden Bar Stool
  • £750.00
GM-MOOD-02 Manutti Mood Garden Barstool
  • £835.00
GM-NAPO-02 Manutti Napoli Garden Bar Table - Without Border
  • £920.00
GM-NAP0-01 Manutti Napoli Garden Bar Table - With Border
  • £960.00
GM-MOOD-16 Tribu Mood Garden Bar Stool
  • £970.00
GM-SOLI-07 Manutti Solid Garden Bar Stool
  • £980.00
GM-RADI-12 Manutti Radius Garden Bar Stool
  • £1050.00
GM-EASY-08 Easy Contemporary Garden Bar Table
  • £1130.00
GM-CTR-03 Tribu CTR Garden Bar Stool
  • £1550.00
GM-ILLU-09 Tribu Illum Garden Bar Table
  • £1590.00
GM-TORS-05 Manutti Torsa Garden Bar Table
  • £1950.00
GM-ILLU-25 Tribu Illum Teak Garden Bar Table
  • £2300.00