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Garden Armchairs

Garden Armchairs

If you're looking for a stylish garden armchair, that offers maximum comfort along with weather-proof qualities, then you will find something perfect for you here. We work with many of the finest companies in the garden furniture business.  Many of these companies also collaborate with world class, award-winning designers.

Our modern garden furniture is sourced from Europe and is mostly weatherproof and designed to last forever, requiring virtually no maintenance. Our brands include Tribu, Manutti, Fast Spa, Smania, Saba Italia and also the instantly recognisable Missoni Home.

We regularly add new garden armchairs and garden furniture to our site , so please do subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our latest designs.

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GM-SNOO-02 Emu Snooze Director's Chair
  • £195.00
GM-SNOO-01 Emu Snooze Deck Chair
  • £222.00
GM-VETT-01 Emu Vetta Deck Chair
  • £254.00
GM-SACC-02 Zanotta Sacco Outdoor Bean Bag
  • £265.00
GM-CIAK-03 Emu Ciak Garden Director's Chair
  • £347.00
GM-YARD-05 Emu Yard Garden Lounge Chair
  • £410.00
GM-SHINE-07 Emu Shine Garden Armchair
  • £452.00
GM-LYZE-02 Emu Lyze Garden Lounge Chair
  • £469.00
GM-HEAV-02 Emu Heaven Garden Lounge Chair
  • £577.00
GM-REGI-01 Missoni Home Regista Garden Chair
  • £590.00
GM-RETR-03 Emu Re-Trouve Garden Armchair
  • £670.00
GM-MALB-03 Manutti Malibu Garden Armchair
  • £685.00
GM-MAREA-01 Marea Swing Garden Chair
  • £690.00
GM-MOOD-04 Manutti Mood Garden Lounge Chair
  • £830.00
GM-NEF-01 Emu Nef Garden Armchair
  • £833.00
GM-ECHO-02 Manutti Echo Garden Armchair
  • £890.00
GM-CALM-07 Cube Garden Chair
  • £900.00
GM-CALM-09 Cube Black Garden Chair
  • £900.00
GM-NATL-16 Tribu Natal Alu Garden Easy Chair
  • £940.00
GM-KOST-03 Tribu Kos Teak Garden Easy Chair
  • £990.00
GM-NODI-01 Tribu Nodi Garden Armchair
  • £1090.00
GM-VISA-02 Tribu Vis A Vis Garden Club Chair
  • £1180.00
GM-PALA-01 Smania Palau Garden Armchair
  • £1200.00
GM-MOOD-11 Tribu Mood Garden Club Chair
  • £1260.00
GM-MOOD-20 Tribu Mood Garden Lounge Chair
  • £1260.00
GM-NEWY-17 Saba New York Garden Armchair
  • £1280.00
GM-NEWY-23 Saba New York Soleil Garden Armchair
  • £1300.00
GM-LINE-02 Manutti Liner Garden Armchair
  • £1335.00
GM-VISA-03 Tribu Vis A Vis Garden Rocking Chair
  • £1335.00
GM-PLEC-03 Plecs Relax Garden Armchair
  • £1400.00
GM-ISCH-01 Smania Ischia Teak Garden Armchair
  • £1440.00
GM-REGIS-02 Tribu Regista Easy Chair
  • £1450.00
GM-MAREA-02 Marea Garden Armchair
  • £1480.00
GM-COLO-08 Miniforms Colony Garden Armchair
  • £1550.00
GM-VIRG-04 Missoni Home Virgola Garden Armchair
  • £1580.00
GM-BARE-01 Bigfoot Contemporary Garden Armchair
  • £1636.00
GM-ELIO-02 Tribu Elio Garden Easy Chair
  • £1645.00
GM-GRACE-01 Saba Grace Armchair
  • £1700.00
GM-TERR-12 Emu Terramare Garden Armchair
  • £1710.00
GM-NOMA-02 Tribu Nomad Garden Easy Chair
  • £1740.00
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