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15% off orders over £1,000 (selected brands only, excl delivery). Code homework


Our sofa collection includes some of the very best European brands including Lema, Missoni Home, Bonaldo, Saba Italia, Jesse Furniture, Porada, Vibieffe, Alivar, Gallotti & Radice and Miniforms.

We have everything from luxury to affordable and from simple to quirky. As part of larger ranges of living room furniture many have matching armchairs, footstools and ottomans. We also have a great range of modular corner sofas, allowing you to tailor the design perfectly to your needs.

Most of our sofas have fabric covers that can be removed for cleaning, and often it is also possible to use your own fabric, or we can supply fabric from Missoni Home, Romo, Kirkby or Villa Nova. We have all the samples in our London showroom, so please feel free to come in and one of our designers can help you put together the right pieces.

We are always adding new contemporary furniture collections, so please do subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our latest designs.

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GM-MITI-02 Miniforms Mitilo Sofa
  • £3360.00
GMC-POP-03 Vibieffe Pop Sofa in Taupe Velvet - In Stock
  • £1800.00
GM-BRUC-01 Zanotta Bruce Sofa
  • £4750.00
GM-FLAM-04 Zanotta Flamingo Corner Sofa
  • £9700.00
GM-FLAM-05 Zanotta Flamingo Sofa
  • £4910.00
GM-VOYA-01 Saba Voyage Sofa
  • £4610.00
GM-BOTE-03 Zanotta Botero Corner Sofa
  • £9320.00
GM-REND-03 Saba Rendez-Vous Sofa with Side Table
  • £3970.00
GM-HIRO-02 Zanotta Hiro Corner Sofa
  • £10590.00
GM-HIRO-01 Zanotta Hiro Sofa
  • £5060.00
GM-SHIK-02 Zanotta Shiki Sofa
  • £6860.00
GM-SHIK-03 Zanotta Shiki Corner Sofa
  • £13810.00
GM-REND-01 Saba Rendez-Vous Small Curved Sofa
  • £3360.00
GM-REND-02 Saba Rendez-Vous Sofa
  • £3500.00
GM-PHILO-02 Saba Philo Sofa
  • £2170.00
GM-BOTE-02 Zanotta Botero Sofa
  • £4720.00
GM-WILL-02 Zanotta William Three Seat Sofa
  • £6090.00
GM-WILL-01 Zanotta William Sofa
  • £5140.00
GM-ONLY-02 Bonaldo Only You Sofa
  • £3890.00
GM-SADD-01 Bonaldo Saddle Sofa
  • £3090.00
GM-STRU-03 Bonaldo Structure Corner Sofa
  • £8950.00
GM-ERNE-01 Smania Ernest Sofa
  • £6150.00
GM-CORT-04 Bonaldo Cortina Sofa
  • £5040.00
GM-OPIU-03 Smania Opium Sofa
  • £7330.00
GM-NEWY-27 Saba New York Suite Sofa with Antonio Marras Fabric
  • £5620.00
GM-LOVY-03 Bonaldo Lovy High Sofa
  • £4050.00
GM-MADA-05 Bonaldo Madame C Sofa
  • £3650.00
GM-MADA-06 Bonaldo Madame C Corner Sofa
  • £5710.00
GM-PANO-05 Bonaldo Panorama Sofa
  • £3360.00
GM-TEKT-01 Missoni Home Tektonik Modular Sofa
  • £17620.00
GM-ARGO-10 Porada Argo Sofa
  • £6770.00
GM-IVES-01 Jesse Ives Sofa
  • £5470.00
GM-SIMN-01 Jesse Simon Slim Sofa
  • £3280.00
GM-APLO-01 Jesse Aplomb Sofa
  • £3140.00
GM-TAOS-02 Saba My Taos Sofa
  • £5770.00
GM-GEOP-03 Saba Geo Sofa
  • £2830.00
GM-KEPI-04 Saba Kepi Sofa
  • £2440.00
GM-CONTM-02 Vibieffe Con Tempo Corner Sofa
  • £5600.00
GM-HIST-01 Vibieffe Hi Story Sofa
  • £3930.00
GM-NEIL-01 Lema Neil Sofa
  • £6090.00
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