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Bio Ethanol Fires

Bio Ethanol Fires

Bioethanol fires use high grade liquid bio ethanol, a green fuel which is environmentally friendly and generates no harmful gases, sparks or soot! Not only that, our bioethanol fires are simple to install and require no chimney, flue or gas supply.

Sometimes known as flueless fires, ours have superb build quality and they are not just a focal point, they have superb heat output, as well as long burning times (up to 8 hours) and are very easy to use! Our range of flueless bioethanol fires includes Cocoon Fires from Spain and Decoflame from Denmark.

As our bioethanol fires don't need electricity or a gas supply, a chimney, flue or ventilation they offer the ultimate in design flexibility and are popular in both commercial and residential settings. Some of our fires even come with the possibility to customise them, to discuss this with us please call us on 020 7731 9540.

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-NICEE-01 Decoflame Nice Table Top Indoor/Outdoor Bioethanol Fire
  • £980.00
GM-NICEE-02 Decoflame Nice Indoor/Outdoor Bioethanol Fires
  • £1240.00
GMC-MONA-02 Decoflame Monaco Square Indoor/Outdoor Bioethanol Fire - Clearance
  • £1330.00
GM-ASCO-01 Decoflame Ascot Lux Bioethanol Fire
  • £1460.00
GM-MONA-01 Decoflame Monaco Round Indoor/Outdoor Bioethanol Fire
  • £1500.00
GM-MONA-02 Decoflame Monaco Square Indoor/Outdoor Bioethanol Fire
  • £1590.00
GM-ATLA-01 Decoflame Atlantic Wave Bioethanol Fire
  • £1600.00
GM-NEWY-01 Decoflame New York Plaza Bioethanol Fire
  • £2050.00
GM-NEWY-03 Decoflame New York Tower Bioethanol Fire
  • £2050.00
GM-ATLA-03 Decoflame Atlantic Bioethanol Fire
  • £2060.00
GM-NEWY-02 Decoflame New York Empire Bioethanol Fire
  • £2120.00
GM-NEROW-01 Nero Wall Mounted Bio Ethanol Fire
  • £2440.00
GM-TERR-01 Cocoon Terra Fire - Black
  • £2540.00
GM-VELL-01 Cocoon Vellum Wall Mounted Fire - Black
  • £2580.00
GM-PEDE-01 Cocoon Pedestal Fire - Black
  • £2610.00
GM-PEDE-02 Cocoon Pedestal Fire - Black With 316 Stainless Steel stand
  • £2700.00
GM-SYDN-01 Decoflame Sydney Bioethanol Fire
  • £2780.00
GM-AERI-01 Cocoon Aeris Hanging Fireplace - Black
  • £2800.00
GM-AERI-03 Cocoon Aeris Hanging Fireplace - Black, with 316 Stainless Steel hanging system
  • £2800.00
GM-MONT-04 Decoflame Montreal Built In Bioethanol Fire
  • £2900.00
GM-ORLA-04 Decoflame Orlando Built In Bioethanol Fire
  • £3290.00
GM-TERR-02 Cocoon Terra Fire - Polished Steel
  • £3340.00
GM-VELL-02 Cocoon Vellum Wall Mounted Fire - Stainless Steel
  • £3390.00
GM-AERI-02 Cocoon Aeris Hanging Fireplace - Polished Steel
  • £3520.00
GM-PEDE-03 Cocoon Pedestal Fire - Stainless steel, With 316 Stainless Steel Stand
  • £3520.00
GM-WEST-03 Decoflame Westminster DS Bioethanol Fire
  • £3680.00
GM-DENV-05 Decoflame Denver Basic E-Ribbon Bioethanol Fire
  • £3860.00
GM-WORL-01 Decoflame World Bioethanol Fire
  • £4080.00
GM-ATLA-05 Decoflame Atlantic Twin Bioethanol Fire
  • £4210.00
GM-ORLA-05 Decoflame Orlando E-Ribbon Bioethanol Fire
  • £5860.00
GM-MILN-01 Decoflame Milano Bioethanol Fire
  • £6330.00
GM-DENV-04 Decoflame Denver E-Ribbon Bioethanol Fire
  • £7630.00
GM-ELLI-04 Decoflame Ellipse Bioethanol Ceiling Fire
  • £7880.00
GM-ELLI-01 Decoflame Ellipse Bioethanol Fire
  • £8780.00
GM-WEST-02 Decoflame Westminster Bioethanol Fire
  • £9600.00
GM-MONT-05 Decoflame Montreal E-Ribbon Bioethanol Fire
  • £12480.00