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January Sale now on! 15% off all orders over £1,000 until the 1st Feb. USE CODE JANUARY
January Sale now on! 15% off all orders over £1,000 until the 1st Feb. USE CODE JANUARY

Transformable Tables

The ultimate piece of space saving furniture, transformable tables effortlessly convert from coffee or console tables to full size dining tables - perfect for city living! We have a fabulous collection made by popular Italian brand and experts in multifunctional furniture Ozzio, as well as smaller collections by Miniforms and Bontempi Casa.

As space saving furniture is becoming increasingly popular, we will be expanding this section over the coming months, so please subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our latest additions.

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-SYDY-01 Ozzio Sydney Transformable Table
  • £990.00
GM-MOND-02 Ozzio Mondial Transformable Table in Wood
  • £1050.00
GM-MOND-01 Ozzio Mondial Transformable Table
  • £1250.00
GM-BELLA-01 Ozzio Bellagio Multi-Functional Table
  • £1390.00
GM-ETIC-01 Bontempi Etico Extending Console Table
  • £1450.00
GM-VOLA-01 Ozzio Voila Console/Dining Table
  • £1510.00
GM-ICARO-01 Ozzio Icaro Transformable Table
  • £1830.00
GM-PLAN-01 Ozzio Planet Transformable Table
  • £1840.00
GM-METR-01 Ozzio Metrino Multi-Functional Table
  • £1930.00
GM-ARTI-02 Bontempi Artistico Extending Console Table
  • £1952.00
GM-MAKU-01 Ozzio Markus Multi-Functional Table
  • £2030.00
GM-BOX-01 Ozzio Box Transformable Table in Glass
  • £2120.00
GM-BOX-02 Ozzio Box Transformable Table
  • £2140.00
GM-BOX-03 Ozzio Box Transformable Table In Stone
  • £2660.00
GM-A4-01 Ozzio A4 Console/ Dining table.
  • £2725.00
GM-NEWO-01 Ozzio Newood Transformable Table
  • £2750.00
GM-GOLI-01 Ozzio Golia Console/Dining Table
  • £2990.00
GM-GLAS-01 Ozzio Glass Console/Dining Table
  • £3620.00