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Dining Tables

Dining Tables

Our dining table collection has something for everyone, from cost effective small tables, to designer dining tables in marble & the new luxury ceramic/ceramic marble - an indestructible material with the looks of marble but none of the porousness. Almost all of our contemporary dining tables have matching dining chairs as well as a wider range of dining room furniture too.

We only work with high quality European brands, including Porada, Zanotta, Bonaldo, Tonelli, Bontempi, Miniforms, Mogg, Reflex Angelo, Lema, & Gallotti & Radice all Italian brands with excellent pedigrees.

Because there are so many choices we have set up filters - so you can choose the size, top shape, material, & colour you want. Our delivery within the UK always includes specialist assembly too (with some tables weighing over 100kg this is not something to do yourself!)

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-MOON-11 Bontempi Moon Square Dining Table
  • £420.00
GM-EOS-01 Bontempi Eos Extending Dining Table
  • £480.00
GM-MOON-12 Bontempi Moon Dining Table
  • £490.00
GM-MOON-13 Bontempi Moon Bar Table
  • £590.00
GM-SOSI-01 Lema Sosia Dining Table
  • £660.00
GM-BRISC-01 Miniforms Briscola Bistro Table
  • £660.00
GM-FLSH-01 Bontempi Flash Extending Dining Table
  • £720.00
GM-DOM-10 Bontempi Dom Extending Dining Table
  • £800.00
GM-TOMM-01 Bontempi Tom Extending Dining Table
  • £932.00
GM-CHEF-01 Bontempi Chef Extending Dining Table
  • £1000.00
GM-CRUZ-01 Bontempi Cruz Extending Dining Table
  • £1100.00
GM-BARA-01 Bontempi Barone Round Dining Table
  • £1110.00
GM-FARN-06 Tonelli Farniente Glass Bistro Table
  • £1170.00
GM-GERO-02 Miniforms Geronimo Square Dining Table
  • £1220.00
GM-ILLO-02 Miniforms Illo Round Dining Table
  • £1240.00
GM-ES-01 Alivar Saarinen Tulip Round Dining Table
  • £1260.00
GM-BACC-01 Tonelli Bacco Glass Dining Table
  • £1260.00
GM-PIXI-01 Miniforms Pixie Round Dining Table
  • £1290.00
GM-ARGO-02 Argo Round Dining Table
  • £1330.00
GM-ECHO-01 Bontempi Echo Dining Table
  • £1340.00
GM-FILO-02 Filo Dining Table
  • £1340.00
GM-FARN-05 Tonelli Farniente Square Dining Table
  • £1350.00
GM-FARN-01 Tonelli Farniente Round Dining Table
  • £1370.00
GM-JANT-01 Jantar Extending Dining Table
  • £1370.00
GM-SUNN-01 Sunny Round Dining Table
  • £1390.00
GM-GUAL-01 Miniforms Gualtiero Extending Dining Table
  • £1430.00
GM-FARN-02 Tonelli Farniente Glass Dining Table
  • £1430.00
GM-PIXI-03 Miniforms Pixie Dining Table
  • £1480.00
GM-CUT-02 Alivar Cut Round Dining Table
  • £1480.00
GM-MILL-02 Bonaldo Mille Dining Table
  • £1520.00
GM-LAGO-04 Lagos Extending Dining Table
  • £1520.00
GM-QUADF-05 Porada Quadrifoglio Small Round Dining Table
  • £1530.00
GM-CRUZ-02 Bontempi Cruz XXL Extending Dining Table
  • £1540.00
GM-ARGO-01 Argo Oval Dining Table
  • £1550.00
GM-PASCL-01 Bontempi Pascal Extending Dining Table
  • £1560.00
GM-QUADF-06 Porada Quadrifoglio Bar Table
  • £1570.00
GM-GERO-01 Miniforms Geronimo Extending Dining Table
  • £1620.00
GM-OPRA-01 Ozzio Opera Extending Dining Table
  • £1620.00
GM-SPIN-01 Porada Spin Round Dining Table
  • £1630.00
GM-BREAK-01 Lema Break Dining Table
  • £1670.00
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