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Dining Chairs

Dining Chairs

We have a fantastic collection of dining chairs from luxury upholstered dining chairs from Bonaldo to great value and excellent quality dining chairs from Bontempi. Most of them come with matching dining tables however we always list the dining table and chairs separately, as in many cases there is more than one style that can be matched with your dining chairs.

Our collection includes everything from upholstered dining chairs to polyurethane dining chairs. In most cases they can be used alongside several items of matching dining room furniture, including sideboards and display cabinets. For help finding the right collection for you please feel free to contact us on 020 7731 9540 or visit our London showroom.

Our range of dining chairs and dining room furniture is always expanding, so please subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our latest designs.

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-AQUA-01 Bontempi Aqua Dining Chair
  • £95.00
GM-GALAX-01 Bontempi Galaxy Dining Chair
  • £100.00
GM-ESPR-01 Bontempi Hidra Dining Chair
  • £105.00
GM-HIDR-01 Bontempi Hidra Outdoor Dining Chair
  • £110.00
GM-GALAX-02 Bontempi Galaxy Dining Chair with Arms
  • £114.00
GM-GIPS-01 Bontempi Gipsy Dining Chair
  • £118.00
GM-BLUE-03 Bonaldo Blues Dining Chair
  • £140.00
GM-IDOL-01 Bonaldo Idole Dining Chair
  • £140.00
GM-EVA-01 Bontempi Eva Dining Chair
  • £140.00
GM-MODI-01 Bontempi Mood Dining Chair with Metal Legs
  • £140.00
GM-SHARK-02 Bontempi Shark Dining Chair
  • £140.00
GM-GIPS-02 Bontempi Gipsy Dining Chair With Arms
  • £150.00
GM-MOND-11 Bontempi Malik Dining Chair
  • £170.00
GM-SALL-01 Bontempi Simba Dining Chair
  • £180.00
GM-MARIL-01 Miniforms Mariolina Dining Chair
  • £180.00
GM-ARIA-02 Bontempi Aria Dining Chair
  • £185.00
GM-FREA-05 Bontempi Freak Dining Chair
  • £190.00
GM-NATA-01 Bontempi Nata Dining Chair
  • £195.00
GM-NETB-02 Bontempi Net Dining Chair
  • £200.00
GM-NATA-10 Bontempi Nata High Back Dining Chair
  • £225.00
GM-POLO-03 Bontempi Polo Dining Chair
  • £232.00
GM-TAI-01 Bontempi Tai Dining Chair
  • £250.00
GM-KATE-02 Bontempi Kate Dining Chair with Metal Legs
  • £254.00
GM-INES-01 Bontempi Ines Dining Chair
  • £280.00
GM-LIND-01 Bontempi Linda Dining Chair
  • £290.00
GM-BIBA-01 Jesse Biba Dining Chair
  • £290.00
GM-SOFI-01 Bontempi Sofia Dining Chair
  • £300.00
GM-AIDA-04 Bontempi Aida Dining Chair
  • £300.00
GM-CHANA-01 Bontempi Chantal Dining Chair with Metal Legs
  • £310.00
GM-KUGA-06 Bontempi Kuga Slim Dining Chair
  • £310.00
GM-DALI-01 Bontempi Dalila Leather Dining Chair
  • £310.00
GM-PANG-01 Bonaldo Pangea Dining Chair - Pair
  • £320.00
GM-RIPI-01 Ozzio Ripiego Folding Dining Chair
  • £320.00
GM-ESPR-02 Bontempi Hidra Upholstered Dining Chair
  • £320.00
GM-KUGA-01 Bontempi Kuga Dining Chair
  • £320.00
GM-MODI-02 Bontempi Mood Dining Chair with Wooden Legs
  • £325.00
GM-SEV-02 Bontempi Seventy Dining Chair
  • £330.00
GM-NETB-03 Bontempi Net Dining Chair with Arms
  • £330.00
GM-ALYS-01 Bontempi Alice Dining Chair
  • £330.00
GM-MARIL-02 Miniforms Mariolina Dining Chair with Ash Legs
  • £340.00
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