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Wall Lights

Wall lights are, of course, a fantastic use of space, & our wall lamps from our Italian lighting collections ensure maximum style too. Some of our wall lights are designed to be used in the bathroom, & some outdoors. All will require wiring in (which we can't provide) but the results are worth it.

Some of our wall lights also have matching floor lamps, table lamps or pendant lights too. We have also set up filters so you can find lights by size, colour, & finish.

Of course our team are always happy to help if you need more information, & we have a large number of table lamps on display in our showroom, so please do Contact Us for more details. We also work with the trade, & welcome trade enquiries.

SKU Product name   Price    
GM-QUAD-19 Contardi Quadra Wall Light
  • £310.00
GM-FLEX-01 Contardi Flexiled Steel Wall Light
  • £320.00
GM-TATA-01 Contardi Tata Wall Light
  • £350.00
GM-FLEX-02 Contardi Flexiled Leather Wall Light
  • £360.00
GM-COCO-11 Contardi Coco Wall Light
  • £370.00
GM-COCO-12 Contardi Coco Mini Bathroom Light
  • £370.00
GM-UPAP-01 Contardi Up Wall Light
  • £370.00
GM-DUOS-01 Contardi Duos Wall Light
  • £370.00
GM-COCO-13 Contardi Coconette Wall Light
  • £410.00
GM-LALA-01 Contardi Lala Wall Light
  • £430.00
GM-LALA-02 Contardi Lala Soliflor Wall Light & Vase
  • £460.00
GM-MESS-03 Contardi Messalina Wall Light
  • £500.00
GM-COCO-14 Contardi Coco Deluxe Wall Light
  • £510.00
GM-SOLI-03 Contardi Solitario Small Wall Light
  • £510.00
GM-QUAD-17 Contardi Quadra Wall Light With Spot Light
  • £510.00
GM-SATO-01 Contardi Sator Wall Lights
  • £590.00
GM-DOPP-03 Bonaldo Doppler Light
  • £710.00
GM-BACH-01 Contardi Bach Wall Light
  • £730.00
GM-RECE-01 Contardi Recessed Ceiling Light
  • £760.00
GM-COCO-17 Contardi Coco Mega Wall Light
  • £810.00
GM-OZZ-03 Miniforms Ozz Wall Light
  • £880.00
GM-UFFI-01 Contardi Uffizi Wall Light
  • £1030.00
GM-MIKAD-03 Contardi Mikado Wall Lights
  • £1820.00